Your home office is just as important as any other room in your house. You should invest time and effort in its design so that it is a practical, useful and comfortable work space. The idea is to turn it into a space where you will not mind spending many hours if your work or other demands require it. The following tips should help you create the best home office that is right for you.


Given the long hours you are likely to spend in your home office, you need to ensure you have enough space. As such, it is better to convert a guest room, which is rarely used anyway, into your home office, rather than squeezing a tiny desk into a small room with no windows.


The ergonomics of your home office are among the most important aspects to consider when designing your office space. This starts with choosing the right office desk by determining how big it should be, where to position your computer, and whether there is enough extra space remaining for the other tasks you intend to do.

You should then choose the right chair, preferably an upholstered swivel chair that has five legs with wheels for both mobility and stability. The seat should be firm and well padded, and provide comfortable support. The chair should be easily adjustable for height and tilt, while the fabric should be easy to clean.

The position of key objects such as your printer, telephone, stapler or important documents should be close enough to your body so as to prevent you from having to stretch excessively when trying to reach them.

Finally, your posture is very important, and your home office furniture should help you keep the best posture. The right posture should entail you sitting up straight while centering your whole body in front of your keyboard and monitor, and your feet flat on the floor.

Vertical and horizontal space organization

Since most home offices do not have a lot of space, it is important to optimize as much as possible how this space is used. This can be done by hanging floating shelves on walls so as to remove office equipment and documents from the desk. You can also go for vertical file folders or document baskets for your important documents so that they are kept within easy reach.

Personalized accessories

The accessories that you choose for your home office should give it a personalized and homey feeling where possible. This could be in the form of a decorative waste basket or a bright-colored mug for use as a pencil holder. You can also place a special photo, some cherished knickknacks, or some framed artwork, which can serve to motivate you as you work.

A good home office design is paramount, especially if you intend to spend long hours there. It should be designed with comfort, practicality and ergonomics in mind to ensure that it fully serves the purpose for which it was intended.

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