A man cave or manspace is a male retreat or sanctuary in a home, such as a specially equipped garage, spare bedroom, media room, den, or basement.

It’s an old-fashioned idea, perhaps – but that doesn’t change the fact that most men still dream about having their own personal retreat, filled with those awesome things that epitomize their personalities. Whether it’s a throwback to their teenage bedroom (where posters of rock bands covered every inch of the walls) or simply a place where they can indulge in video games without being disturbed – the ‘man cave’ can have several uses. Some want their sacred retreat to look like the woody interior of an adventurer’s cabin, whilst others are more interested in creating the perfect nerd utopia. Below are some additions that are guaranteed to make your man cave awesome…

Cinema-style projector

There’s nothing like watching a football match on a big screen but fortunately you don’t have to splash out cash on fancy monitor when you can instead buy a cinema style projector for under $100. Use a canvas or a bare wall – the cinema ambience created by the projector will put you in the mood for popcorn and cosy nights in, which brings me to…

Recliner sofa chair

Bean bags and hammocks; man caves often sport a versatile range of creatively ergonomic seating, but nothing beats a recliner sofa chair for when you’re kicking back to watch football.

Poker table

Movie nights come second only to poker nights with your friends. As such, a decent poker table is a must for your man-cave. You can go down the traditional road of solid wood and green felt, or you can vamp things up with a modern twist to the poker table – black frame and blue felt. To ensure your poker table suits your man cave perfectly in terms of size and style, why not make your own? Building a poker table from scratch makes for a fun DIY project, and is perfectly affordable too.


For something a little more straight-forward and less time consuming than poker, bring the equally sociable game of darts into your man cave. To protect the wall on which you launch the dartboard, use a dart board cabinet or build a simple ‘dartboard surround’ from plywood.

Tree coat stand

Here’s another great DIY project that will make your man cave all the more welcoming. Create a wooden coat stand out of driftwood or entangled root for an earthy addition to your retreat. It’s not only environmentally friendly – it looks awesomely old-fashioned too.

Beer fridge

A mini fridge in which to store snacks and beers will save you from constantly having to run to the kitchen, and – during social gatherings – will let you avoid having to rearrange all the contents in your main fridge to make room for beer.

Arcade machine

You’ve probably dreamed of having one of these in your bedroom as a child. The arcade machine is iconic of the era in which gaming was new and exciting. Recreate that retro feeling and add some nostalgia to your man cave with a vintage arcade machine.

Globe drinks cabinet

Combine two awesome items into one; a world globe and a drinks cabinet! This design has the globe open to reveal a storage space for bottles, or else bottles can be placed in the space directly beneath. This talking piece represents your adventurous side whilst also demonstrating how serious you are about liquor.

Neon wall art

Unless you prefer to keep things humble with bare walls, you’ll be looking for some wall art. Neon signs are a popular choice for man cave art – perhaps because they conjure imagery of smoky jazz bars, and will add tons of character to your space. If you’ve got a creative streak, you can make your own neon wall art with some EL wires.

Aesthetic speakers

You’ve got your poker table and a fridge full of beer. Your friends are ready for a boys’ night in – but not without some music. A true man cave deserves nothing but the best speakers for your playlists, and you might as well get a set which matches the interior design of your retreat.  

No matter what style you go with, there are plenty of low-cost and DIY ways to decorate and furnish your space.

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