In a report in Bloomberg news, Google just suffered its biggest drop in the search market since 2009, losing 4.1% of its market share, in the last year. According to the report, the reason they experienced the drop in market share, is due to the partnership between Yahoo and Mozilla.

Mozilla Firefox had been using Google as its default search engine since 2004, but they signed a five year deal with Yahoo, making Yahoo their default search engine in the United State. Since Firefox is the third most popular web browser, behind Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, who are number 1 and 2 respectively, the move to switch to Yahoo, was expected to take away some of Google’s market share in the search market.

As expected, most of the market share that Google lost due to the deal between Mozilla and Yahoo, was picked up by Yahoo, who saw an increase in the market share in the United States. Yahoo’s market share jumped up by 3%, from 7.4% to 10.4%, which has to be seen as good news by new Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, who is still struggling to turn things around for the former search giant.

While this is the biggest market share loss suffered by Google since 2009, they are still the undisputed search giant, and still have 75.2% of the search market share. The reason Google remains on top by such a large margin is because 37% of Americans use Google Chrome, and also because Google is the default search engine in the iPhone’s Safari browser. Since over 50% of all mobile traffic in the United States comes from Safari, it gives Google keep their dominant search market share in the United State.

Unfortunately for Google, they might soon lose more of their search engine market share, if the reports that Apple is thinking about dropping Google as their default search engine for their iPhone’s browser. If they do decide to drop Google, whatever search engine company they sign with will get a big boost in their market share numbers.

While Yahoo and Bing will be expected to try and land a deal to become Apple’s iPhone web browser’s default search engine, there are also reports that Apple might be working on their own search engine. This won’t be the first time they have decided to go with their own brand, they switched from Google Maps to Apple Maps in 2012, and have been using it since, despite a terrible launch that was due to bugs, which they have since cleared up.