Parties are great because they provide you with a chance to spend some quality time with family friends and even colleagues you normally wouldn’t socialize with outside of work. These days, most parties have themes and a lot of people are moving away from traditional forms of entertainment in favor of newer ones. One of these new forms of entertainment is being trained to thrown axes like a professional.

Bad Axe Throwing is a Canadian company that specializes in birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate events, and other parties held at one of their 11 locations in major Canadian cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Kitchener.  They have also expanded to the United States in Chicago.

Axe throwing is an alternative to traditional forms of entertainment like bowling, laser tag, or any other activity people engage in at parties. The professionals at Bad Axe Throwing will provide an exhibition of their skills and guests will be allowed to test their axe throwing skills.

Even if you’ve never thrown an axe before, you will still be able to participate in the activities because Bad Axe will have trained professionals to guide you through the proper techniques and have you throwing like a seasoned lumberjack in no time.

Guests are allowed to bring alcohol to the parties, but they aren’t allowed to throw an axe if they are intoxicated, which is why there are throwing coaches monitoring the throwers to make sure they aren’t intoxicated, so they don’t injure any of the guests.

While axe throwing is expected to appeal to men and not women, Jesse Gutzman, Bad Axe’s chief thrower, said about 60 percent of their clients are women.

Bad Axe not only provides entertainment for parties, they also have an axe throwing league for those who want to work on their skills before the next axe party.

If you’re tired of the same old party entertainment and are interested in holding your event at Bad Axe Throwing you can book their services on their website or schedule a walk-in by contacting them directly.

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