If you are someone who loves to spend time in your own home, either by yourself or entertaining friends and family, then you will want to make sure that your home is welcoming. You can do this by creating a living space that you and others will want to spend time in.

  • How to Create a Space You Want to Spend Time In

So, exactly how do you go about creating a living space that you want to spend more time in? Well, first and foremost, it has to be comfortable, warm and inviting. In order for you to feel relaxed and happy in your living space it has to be a room that you actually enjoy being in. Who wants to sit and relax in a room that is decorated in a style that is just not their idea of a nice environment?

  • Colour Choices

One of the best places to start is to choose a colour that you love and which creates the right mood for your room. However, you must choose wisely. Colours have been proven to have a very real influence on mood, so keep this in mind when you are thinking about potential colour schemes. Colours can also have an impact on how much space you feel you have. Darker colours will draw in  the walls in already small rooms whereas lighter colours will open up the space. The safest option is to go for a light, calming shade for your main base colour.

  • Furnishing Your Room

Another key factor in creating a room that you will want to spend time in is going to be the furniture that you choose. You will want it to suit the room in terms of both size and style and, of course, you will also want it to be comfortable. Think about the main function of the room and what sort of furniture you will need to support that. For example, a family room or lounge will need a comfortable seating area where everyone  can relax. Sectional sofas can be a great way to include plenty of comfort for the whole family.

  • Creating The Right Atmosphere

Creating a space that you will want to spend more time in is not only about the décor and furnishing. A huge part relies on the atmosphere that you create within a space. Again, this often comes down to how you use the room. For example, if you frequently work from home and you leave work things around your nice cosy lounge then you will find it difficult to relax and to find that all important life-work balance.

In a similar vein, if you are hoping to have friends come over and socialize, you will want to make sure that your space is inviting and not cold or clinical. You will want your guests to be able to relax when they come over, so add some homey touches. If your space is immaculate and like a photo in a magazine then no-one will be able to feel at ease. Loosen up a little!

These are just a few of the tips that will help you to create a living space that you are going to want to spend as much time in as possible!

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