While the glut of music festivals leaves a lot to be desired in 2018, there are plenty of groups getting out there and hitting the road on their own terms. So, with grime and Taylor Swift dominating the world, what are the most anticipated concerts of 2018 that has more gravitas than a bunch of backing dancers and has more than its fair share of guitars?

Pixies And Weezer

These two giants of the alt-rock scene have finally joined forces and have announced dates for a co-headline tour North America. It starts in Tampa and finishes up in the middle of August. Studenty types in their mid to late 30s are rejoicing everywhere!

David Byrne

While we’ve all missed the genius of Talking Heads, especially as most of us were too young, we’ll have to settle for David Byrne solo. He’s also called his recent run of shows the most ambitious since Stop Making Sense. This visionary never fails to disappoint.

The Killers

You’d better get in quick if you want to catch The Killers’ killer arena and stadium shows. Sites like The Ticket Merchant have limited tickets available, but that’s not to say that some more won’t be released in the lead up to the shows. It’s now at a point where this one time darlings of the indie rock scene have become stadium fillers, complete with sing-along tunes to match! And even their last musical effort, Wonderful Wonderful, showed that they were back on form.


U2 are probably the most divisive of rock bands in the modern-day. Some people are completely enthralled and will follow them every step of the way, yet others find their pompous politicised posturing a bit too much to bear. Whatever your opinion, you can’t disagree with the fact that they put on one hell of a show! Last year’s Songs Of Experience album forms the basis of their upcoming stadium tours, but the devoted fans will always hope they bring out a rarity just for them. That’s the thing with this band, they have the lighters in the air anthems, but they also break out a rarity to please the anorak.


No guitars to be seen here, but Eminem is the biggest rap force in the world. Even though his last album was panned, the fact that he hasn’t hit the road since 2014 means that tickets will be snapped up sharpish, and Eminem’s charisma, stage presence, and sheer devoted legions of fans means that he will pull in the punters. And if you’ve never seen him live before, he puts on a great show, regardless of your own opinions of rap.


This New Zealand chanteuse is doing a lot break down the walls between pop and indie, and you only have to listen to her melodramatic stylings to realize she’s going to be a force to be reckoned with a few years from now. While her last tour was on the understated side, the Melodrama tour has shown off her predilection for a big show now!

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