Shopping for the clever clogs in your life can be difficult. Getting any old DVD or bottle of perfume just isn’t good enough for them – they want gifts that will challenge or inform them. Since their thirst for knowledge is insatiable finding something to satisfy them can be difficult, but these eight gift ideas provide a great start.

Sudoku Toilet Roll

Is it a number 1 or number 2? Or perhaps it’s a 7. Don’t strain too hard while thinking about it and it’ll come to you eventually. It might not be the softest toilet paper available, but it’s certainly the most taxing and has the quiz factor. Pencils are not included.

365 Amazing Trivia Facts Desk Calendar

For those that crave a daily dose of trivia, but also like to know what day it is, you couldn’t get much better than a daily trivia calendar. With facts for every season, this gift will also make sure they think about you every day. Just make sure you don’t give them the 2014 version, or you won’t look too clever.

QI The Board Game

The number one way to prove you’re quite intelligent is to play (and win) the QI board game. While Stephen Fry and Alan Davies don’t come bundled in the box, you do get the famous klaxon and enough trivia to keep you entertained for quite a long time – all you’ll have to provide is your own general ignorance.

Celestial Globe

The brain-box in your life will already have an incredible geographic knowledge of the world – they’ll be able to point out Turkeminstan with their eyes closed and there’s no chance they’d ever mistake Grenada with Granada. So why not challenge them to start mapping out the constellations with a celestial globe?

Lego Architecture

The Trevi Fountain is one of Rome’s most breath-taking sites – not bad for a city that boasts the Coliseum and the Pantheon amongst its tourist attractions – and now you can build it out of Lego. Other notable landmarks in the Architecture series include the Leaning Tower of Piza, the United Nations Headquarters and the Brandenburg Gate. If you want to really test someone’s intellect, remove the building instructions before giving them their gift.

Music Lesson Gift Certificate

Clever people love to learn new skills (this was proven as a fact by a very clever scientist somewhere… probably) – so why not give them the gift of music with some gift certificates for lessons? If you live with this person you’ll probably want to make sure they learn an instrument that works with headphones, like a keyboard, unless you want to endure months of Frére Jacques in slow motion and jumpy scales.

Flying Lessons

If mastering the clarinet or becoming a boss on the trombone wouldn’t provide your little Einstein with enough of a challenge, why not test them in the sky by giving them a flying lesson or two? They can learn the skills needed to take on the roles of pilot, navigator and observer – but beware, they might expect your next gift will be their very own private jet.

Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted Amateur

If the genius in your life doesn’t already have a firm grasp of quantum physics, they will be thrilled to be given a book that acts as an introduction. Don’t insult them with titles such as ‘Quantum Physics for Dummies’ – the smarter thing to do would be to stroke their ego and call them a gifted amateur. Whether you want to buy yourself a copy and start a book club is entirely up to you.

Not sure if they’re a genius? Test them (or yourself) on online quiz site Quiz Factor.