In many ways, a guitar can be like your baby. It’s your prized possession, and you can easily pour all of your spare time and money into making sure it’s properly looked after. It doesn’t matter how many you own; each guitar is special in its own way. But unlike children, you’ll always have a favourite – that one you love just a little bit more than the others. This isn’t unusual in the musical world. In fact, it’s pretty common for musicians in Canada and abroad to have one brand or model that they stick with, through thick and thin. Regardless of where they hail, just like you, your favourite rock stars have a pet guitar – and it’s usually a Gibson!

With over 100 years of history, Gibson is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, and they’re known all over the world as makers of beautiful, tonally rich instruments. It’s a familiar addition to plenty of touring bands, as its versatile and luscious tones complement a variety of genres. It’s also why you can find the best selection of Gibson guitars in Canada both online and in-store. Canadians want to have one for their very own, and they expect to find it easily. Whether it’s an electric or acoustic guitar, a Gibson is an excellent instrument guaranteed to deliver the right notes.

It’s why the likes of Jimmy Page, the legendary guitarist of Led Zeppelin, plays almost exclusively with the brand. Known first and foremost for his 1959 sunburst Les Paul, it could be argued he’s partly responsible for the model’s popularity amongst rockers. It was with this particular guitar that he recorded the now iconic riffs of Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love, and Immigrant Song. Though over the years he’s amassed an impressive collection of instruments, he always goes back to Gibson guitars – especially now that he has his own Custom Number Two Les Paul.

With Page as a major inspiration for the musicians that followed him, it’s little surprise to learn that Slash of Guns N’ Roses is another famous champion of Gibson guitars. Next to his tell-tale top hat and curly mop of hair, the Les Paul is a crucial part of his image. It’s said that despite owning over 100 guitars, the Les Paul is still his primary instrument. And no wonder – as it’s the sound behind such classic songs as Sweet Child of Mine and Welcome to the Jungle.

Page and Slash aren’t the only ones to love the Les Paul. Add to the list Randy Rhoads, Duane Allman, Ace Fehley, and Zakk Wylde, and you’ll start to understand that appreciation for this particular model knows no boundaries. Musicians from all different genres and time periods have preferred the versatile, mellow, and rich sound of its mid-tones. But the Les Paul isn’t everything. Equally known for its SG, ES, and Explorer lines, there is a long list of musicians who stand behind each model.

Maybe you’re like Page, Slash, or Wylde and you prefer the weight and sound of a Les Paul – or maybe you don’t. It goes without saying, however, that whichever model makes it to the top your list, you’ve still got a pet instrument. Be good to your favourite and it can become your signature model – just like your rock heroes.