Jaguar returned to the racetrack in October of 2016 and in doing so, they became the first premium manufacturer to join the all-electric ABB FIA Formula E Championship street racing series! What is so special about Formula E racing, you ask? In addition to the all-electric concept, Formula E racing is unique because of its choice of venues. The championship takes place on temporary circuits in the center of the world’s most major cities. Those cities include New York, Paris, Rome, Monaco, Sanya, Hong Kong, Riyadh! Jaguar’s Formula E program is designed around the team’s founding principle;Race to Innovate. The program will also deliver tangible R&D benefits for the future of Jaguar and Land Rover’s plan for electric road cars.  Yes, says Warren Henry Jaguar of  Miami, Jaguar is making serious moves in the Formula E racing series, read on to learn more!

Jaguar’s own Mitch Evans won round seven of the 2018/2019 ABB FIA Formula E Championship that took place in Rome Italy. Mitch made history for the Panasonic Jaguar Racing time, clinching the team’s very first ABB FIA Formula E win in the city of Rome! This win is also the first international motorsport victory for the Jaguar team since 1991! This win is especially close to the Jaguar team’s heart because of the challenges the plagued the qualifying session. Intermittent rain showers could not hold Mitch back as the Kiwi driver clinched the P2 from Super Pole. Mitch’s teammate Alex was able to claim ninth place during qualifying.

The real race came around and it had just as many trying obstacles. A collision early on at turn 17 of 18 caused a several car pile up, bringing out a red flag. Mitch drove with confidence, at the restart, managing to take over Andre Lotterer utilizing Attack Mode at the 11th turn, taking the lead! Despite Lotterer activating Attack Mode himself just a lap later, Mitch defended himself and held onto the first place to win the series!

Panasonic Jaguar Racing Team Director, James Barclay, stated just how special it was to see Panasonic Jaguar Racing on the top of the podium and how proud he is of the team. Many of the teammates have been around since season three when Panasonic Jaguar Racing first joined the championship. Barclay shared that for a long time the team has been saying that they have a good racecar and that they have a good pace, but this time all the pieces came together correctly and that was showcased today with a first place win! It was a hard fought win as Mitch deliver two excellent qualifying laps and a fantastic Super Pole lap that put the Panasonic Jaguar Racing team in the front row.

Mitch Evans himself spoke with the press sharing just how beautiful it feels and that it was a fantastic race! He felt that the first few laps were tricky because of the rain but after the red flag, he just wanted to stay steady. “We had a great pace from the beginning, so I really felt confident out there today,” stated Mitch. It has been quite a few years since Mitch won a race so this is very special for him and he is very happy for the whole Panasonic Jaguar Racing team and their hard work. He is very thankful to the Jaguar Land Rover for their support over the past three seasons.

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