Traveling is a great way to add to your memory bank of all the fun things you can do in your lifetime. But a great way to travel is with friends, sharing the experiences and making it all the more better. It’s a great way to bond and nurture your friendship while doing something fun or interesting all in one go. Which got me thinking about some of the best ways to do it. With that in mind, here are some of the best holidays and traveling ideas you can do with friends. Be it one or a big group of you, one of them is bound to inspire you.

Fancy a weekend hitting the clubs?

We can all love a great night out with friends in our local city, but why not take that to the next level and have a weekend away hitting the clubs? A popular destination for this is the island of Ibiza. With many famous DJs taking to the decks in some of the worlds hottest clubs it can offer a great experience. Ibiza also gives you that benefit of the sun and sand, so you get to enjoy your days as well as those late nights partying.

Why not consider a bit of winter fun skiing?

For something a little different, and seems perfectly apt for the upcoming winter season, why not consider skiing together? You can often rent out a big chalet offering plenty of accommodation for all your friends. This can sometimes help spread the cost. Resorts in Europe and Canada are usually the best spots to consider. It’s an energetic holiday that offers an alternative to heading somewhere sunny and warm.

Maybe you want to check out the diverse culture a city break can offer?

Perhaps you are into your history, or you love experiencing new cultures. If you have a friend that is similar then heading to different cities like Paris or Strasbourg in France, Budapest or Brussels would be the perfect way to spend a weekend in good company. Not everyone wants to trawl the museums or checkout the must-see sights, so doing this with a friend who loves the same things as you will add to your experience.

Why not bond during a trip of a lifetime?

Sometimes we just have to take that plunge and go and see the world, and a great way to have that trip of a lifetime is to do with it your closest friends. People consider heading out to places like Australia or America. Perhaps taking a road trip to ensure you see the most you can, as both of these countries specifically are vast with much to see.

Consider traveling together by backpacking around a country

Finally, many young adults use GAP years or their younger adult years to see as much of the world as they can, and one way they do this by backpacking. A popular destination to do this is to travel around somewhere like Asia. Taking in the sights and sounds of places like Thailand. A full moon party on the beach is a great thing to do and perfect for a group of friends.

I hope this has inspired you to consider different holidays with your friends next year.