It’s 2021 and the majority of the world has been locked up inside for the best part of a year – not the greatest start for new singletons. Never fear though because online dating has boomed astronomically during the pandemic, meaning you can still get yourself out there and prepare for the re-opening of Planet Earth. This being said, it’s all well and good until you realise you’ve lost your game and have no idea where to take your future partner on a date. 

 Miss The Days of Eating Out?

Everyone misses the luxury of being waited on, so much so that it’s hard to remember what that’s like, and your new spark will surely be feeling the same. So, pluck up the courage and take them for a much-needed dose of eating out… at their favorite restaurant. Alternatively, just go in blind and surprise them with somewhere fun and vibrant like

Try Not to Flop

There’s a chance that the only person you’ve spoken to in the real world over the course of lockdown, is a pet or your children, so you might have forgotten how to be human when it comes to making conversation. It goes without saying that you need to make a good impression and you can’t do that sat in silence. So, be sure to speak to your date to try and find common connections. 

One more note on this, even though your breakup might be fresh in your mind, do not bring it up – unless you want to blow it that is.

Keep it Simple and Safe

You have probably been sat in the dark, in silence, watching films a lot recently, so whatever you do, don’t take them to the cinema. You need to plan an activity that will promote talking and bonding. You could simply go out for a walk and talk about past memories as you go; not only will you get to know each other but it’s good for you too.

Until Next Time?

If you know, you know; the chemistry flies and you have a gut feeling that you both had a good time. Towards the end of the date, you should hopefully know a bit more about your new venture. If they’ve told you something they enjoy doing, don’t be a wimp, ask if they want to do it with you and who knows, you might end up with round two. Of course, confidence isn’t always easy, but here are some reasons to try and bring it along to your date.

That’s a wrap, and with lockdown restrictions starting to ease off, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will be unleashing your inner Casanova  on the world in no time. Turn your online fancy into reality and give your all to bag yourself a sequel. Remember: eat out, don’t flop, play safe, and plan for next time.