The art of finding a cheap flight is something that must be learned, and it’s often forged through making the odd mistake along the way, and listening to trusty advice from those in the know. Saving money is important at any time, but with the cost of holidays shooting through the roof during popular times of the year, such as the kids’ school holidays, Christmas, Easter etc, then it’s important to find flights and accommodation as cheaply as possible.

Obviously your flight is going to be the most expensive part of any holiday, so if you can cut this down in cost then you’re onto a winner before you even start. The extras you book onto your travel plans also pull down the initial outgoings your holiday will involve, so certainly look at how you get to the airport as a priority, as this is a part of your plans you can save on. If you’re traveling with friends, booking a train or coach means you have to pay per person, however if you drive and park up, using ParkBCP for booking your parking spot, then you pay per car, which could be split between several of you to lower costs even further!

I do this quite regularly, and when me and my friends go away for our yearly girly holiday, we book airport parking and split the cost between the four of us; it comes up at very little per person that way, so certainly give it a go.

Accommodation isn’t generally a problem when it comes to finding somewhere to stay cheaply, because you only have to search on sites like Travel Republic or Sunshine to find extremely affordable places to stay, and with a quick check in Trip Advisor, you can double check the location and a few reviews before booking. Again, if there’s a group of you, booking a villa and splitting the cost is a good suggestion.

So, we’re left with the most expensive part of your break to try and make cheaper – your flight.

I find Skyscanner is the ideal way to cut costs, because this is a website that searches all companies, indirect and direct, to find the cheapest deal for you. If you want to try and dig a little further, you can split book, by booking your outgoing and inbound flights separately, with different companies, to take advantage of deals. It is a little time consuming, and you will probably need a pen and paper to write down your options, but it’s a good way to be shrewd with your flight plans.

You then have the option of identifying your flight, or flights, and then waiting and watching, seeing if you can take advantage of any fluctuations in cost, because it does happen, or jumping straight in and booking there and then. It’s a risk, but it’s a personal choice; if you wait, you could get it lower still, but equally the cost could rise. Fluctuations sometimes depend on the amount of site traffic and interest, so if you’re going to wait, don’t constantly check the website, as you might inadvertently drive up the cost!

My only other piece of advice? Once you have booked, don’t check the flight cost again – if it’s gone up, you’ll be happy, but if it’s gone down? You’ll feel very sick indeed!