When it comes to films, it is hard to find something for everyone. Your son wants action packed while your daughter wants to see a princess film. Your spouse likes high octane and you just want to watch something that won’t bother the kids and keep them up at night. So, how do you choose the right film for everyone?

Consider animated –
Animation is fun, it is light-hearted, it tells a story, and has some morale or value behind it. Boys and girls like it, they are cute animated designs adults like, and the characters typically relate to our everyday persona. You can find a story that will appeal to everyone, something that teaches a lesson, has humour, and will make everyone in the family smile.

The character –
Look for films with characters that are extremely different. Choose films which have characters that can relate to your son, your daughter, and even adults in the home. The more diverse, the more differentiated, and the more creative the characters are, the more your family members are likely to attach to them.

Keep stories diverse –
Just like characters, the story has to be cohesive, and it has to be relatable. If your kids can relate to a character, something they are going through in their life, and something they can talk to, they are likely to enjoy the film. Look for movies with a story, and characters which are closely related to your family members.

Keep it light –
Go for humour, cheesy story lines, and fun or outlandish films. Not only are these the type of films everyone in the home is likely to laugh at and enjoy, but they are also the type of film you do not have to worry about (in terms of swearing, harsh story lines, sexual situations, or other things you don’t want to expose your kids to). The lighter the film, the more laughs, and the more unique or fun exchanges there are, the more likely you and all other members of the family are going to appreciate and attach to the film you have chosen for family movie night.

Whether it is new in cinemas or a film you want to watch at home, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to find something everyone can enjoy. These are a few attributes to look for in films, to ensure everyone loves it, and ensure you won’t have difficult or harsh scenes you have to fast forward through. If you would like more help finding a good movie for the family then visit whichmovienext.com.

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