Going on a road trip is a great way to take a break from the ins and outs of daily life. You get to pass through all kinds of back roads and country scenes, or through busy cities and past roaring nightlife you’d never see back at home. It’s one of the best ways to break up the humdrum of life, and it’s an incredibly easy holiday idea to look into.

But it can also be quite complicated to try and pull of, especially if you’re not used to long distance riding. So here’s a quick list to run through, to make sure you’re always living the road tripping dream whilst you’re maneuvering in and out of the cars stuck in the traffic jam around you!

You’ll feel the wind on your body better than you would in a car, and that’s a great experience to invest in! (Image)

Try to Pack Light

Your motorcycle can’t take too much weight on its back, and with you riding it day in and day out, there’s a good chance the wheels are going to tire out faster than usual. So you’re going to need to pack at least a little bit lighter than you usually would for a holiday – you can get all kinds of backpacks and saddlebags to put on the back of your bike, and you’re going to need to fill it with some disposable items you can easily replace.

Water bottles you can throw away and rebuy whenever you hit a new town or rest stop, food in packets you can tear open, consume easily in a single sitting, and then throw away (such as oatmeal and nutrigrain bars), clothes you can wear in a rotation on and off again, and so on and so forth. It might seem a little pricey, but it’s no more than a few pounds and pennies every now and then to restock on useful items like these.

Take More Breaks Than You Think You Need

When you’re going to be permanently on the road when you’re travelling, you’re going to need to take plenty of breaks, but on a motorcycle, you’re going to need more than you usually do. After all, if you’re road tripping on a motorcycle, you don’t have a sealed and contained unit to bunk down in on the side of the road when you get tired and there’s no motel or hotel in sight.

So be sure to pull over whenever the opportunity presents itself; at a service station, in a well lit layby with a burger van and portable toilet unit, and always have a plan to reach a certain populated spot by the time night falls to make sure you’ve got somewhere safe and comfortable to bunk down in for the night.  

Make Sure You’ve Got Some Spare Parts

Your motorcycle might not be used to the wear and tear a long road trip is going to put it through, especially if you’re only used to using your bike within your own town. Because of this, you’re going to want to bring some spare parts along with you, to be sure you’re never breaking down in an unsafe situation with no other aid in sight. And you never know if that emergency telephone on the side of the motorway is going to be in use or not.

So if you’re in need of grabbing some new parts for your motorcycle, be sure to research what’s most likely to break down on a long trip, and then Click here to find the parts you’ll require all in one easy to find place! Maybe you’re not a mechanic, but if you’re deciding to try and go your travelling plans alone, you’re going to need to get to grips with both ends of a wrench. Practice on your bike beforehand, watch some video tutorials, or even get some advice from your local mechanic.

Ready to Head Out?

Road tripping is a wonderful travelling activity, and you’re going to want to prepare properly for it to make sure you’re always cruising down long roads and back streets in total style and comfort. And if you’re planning to road trip on a motorcycle, you’re going to need to do a bit more legwork than anyone else.

But as the above post proves, it’s still a very achievable idea for you to try out, as long as you’ve got the confidence to take your motorcycle and your own company with you on your travels!

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