Having a strong marketing team is the foundation of every company. You might have the best products to sell, but if no one knows about them, you won’t have enough profit so you need a solid marketing team right from the start. They will think of ways to promote your brand and also work together to study your competitors – eventually rising above them. You need a team of experts in marketing to work together since it is not enough to only have one person thinking of all marketing campaigns.


You need seasoned marketing experts who have worked on various campaigns before, as they know what to do to help you even before you take the lead. They also understand the market well, so they can judge whether or not your strategy will be useful. Instead of a trial and error method, these experts will only allow you to move ahead with a campaign if it has a strong shot at succeeding.

Ability to work with a team

Some marketing experts might have been around for many years, but they were never part of a team. They might still be good, but since they don’t work well with others they could end up causing lots of disagreements and fights because they usually don’t receive criticism and feedback well.

Varying strengths

You need a team with people who are experts in various areas and platforms of marketing. Some of them might do well in online marketing while others focus more on the use of pop up banners and posters. You’re going to need people of different backgrounds if you truly want to diversify your marketing strategies.

Size of the team

You need to know how many people you want for the marketing team. It doesn’t have to be too big as there could be lots of ideas without anything moving forward, but also you also don’t want it to be too small since the members might run out of strategies after a few campaigns. You can start with a few members and expand it later, when you decide to launch a new campaign.


You want fierce people to be on your team and they need to be confident of themselves and their ideas. If someone gives them negative feedback, they need to know how to defend their views. They don’t need to start fighting and screaming, just enough to show they are sturdy enough to express their thoughts and accept criticism.

You need to take time finding the right people to do the job. You shouldn’t rush in forming the team, as you might include someone who doesn’t deserve to be there. Learn to test the members first to see if they work well together.

Of course, there is no guarantee that your team will be effective even if you do everything right to make it strong. You could change some members later or try to push them further if the first campaign doesn’t end the way you expected however.

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