As your family grows, or you plan to have another child, you can look around your home and realise the walls seem to be closing in. Especially as your children start to grow up, it can feel like you are constantly stepping under one another’s feet, and rarely give each other the time and room to grow independently, as well as together. In the current economic climate it may be difficult for you to commit to moving house – and even harder if you have little ones who may not adapt well to a big move. You may have already considered expanding your current home, and be weighing up your the pros and cons of saving or applying for an unsecured personal loan. It can be hard to weigh up your expansion options and decide which one will be best not only for your home but your family too. Here are a few options you can choose from, and how they will benefit your family in the long run.


If you have the room in your garden to spare, you may already have looked into building a conservatory attached to the back of your house, or a stand-alone summer house at the bottom of your garden. With the rise in technology, it is essential to have outdoor space for your children to play and connect with nature. A conservatory or summer house could be a great way of giving them freedom – whilst still keeping a watchful eye on them. A summer house is a great extra room for those hot summer days where you want to enjoy the joyous weather, without sitting in direct sunlight. Alternatively, a conservatory allows you enjoy the pitter patter of rain whilst wrapped in a cosy blanket reading a book, and the sun of the crisp winter mornings without going out in the cold. It allows you to get your dose of vitamin D even on the snowy days where you just want to stay indoors.  

Garage/ Loft Conversion

If you have older children, you may consider creating a second family room or lounge by converting your garage or loft – depending on what you have available. Potentially the cheapest option in this list, you can create a room that settles any arguing over the remote, and a space for video games to be played and films to be watched with friends. You can give your children their own space, whilst also having the reassurance that they are safe under your roof. Be sure to schedule some family time as well as having friends round, as children always tend to grow up far too quickly.

An Extension

If you are expecting a new arrival, or want to expand your family further than the number of rooms available in your home – you may want to consider an extension. Not everyone has the luxury of moving, and depending on the size of your family it may be more hassle than it’s worth – especially if all your children are already in school. You can build up from your garage roof, add another floor to your home if living in a bungalow, or build on to the back of your house. Sharing rooms is great for when they are young, but as your children grow into teenagers that is not always a feasible option. Having an extension will give everyone their own space and room to grow into their own person.

Hopefully, that has given you some food for thought on how you can expand your home, either to give your children more room as they grow up or to welcome a new arrival.

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