Elon Musk is an amazing man. Not only is he one of the founders of the hugely successful payment platform Paypal, but he is also the man behind Tesla electric motor vehicles, SpaceX and a wide range of other amazing, futuristic projects. Quite simply. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation, And as such, there is a lot that the average entrepreneur (that means you)can learn from him…

You Have to Take Risk

Many people are under the impression that Elon Musk is and always has been a success. Sure., he’s a huge success now, but he has been bankrupt in the past, he has taken risks, and those risks haven’t always paid off. His view on risk and failure is that they are always an option and if you are never taking risks or dealing with failures, you simply aren’t being as innovative as you could be.

You Need to Prepare for the Future

If there’s one thing that you can absolutely say about Elon Musk, it’s that he is always looking towards the future. His ideas are always light years ahead of the competition, and that is what keeps him interesting and keeps him good at his job So, whether it’s investing in the best etf for artificial intelligence, coming up with a revolutionary project or simply keeping abreast of the latest technologies, you need to be ready for what is coming. Sometimes, that might mean taking a leap into the dark, but it needs to be done.

Go Back to Basics

Elon Musk’s ideas are anything but basic, but in order to create them, he most certainly did go back to basics. It is is  belief that you should take any idea and boil it down to its most basic truths and then build up something new from there. That is what he did with Paypal, and you know how successful he was with that!

Use Your Intuition to Hire

We all know that it is important to hire people who will add to our business, which means that we all know just how important it is to find people with the right qualifications, However, Mr Musk has gone on the record saying that one of his biggest mistakes is that of not using his intuition enough when hiring, Learn from his mistakes and  choose people who are good at their jobs and just plain good if you want your company to succeed.

Never Give Up

Another thing that Elon Musk is big on is perseverance; he has on numerous occasions told people that, if they think they have a good idea, no matter how many people scoff at it or how many times they are refused finance, they should pick themselves up and try again. Most successful people were turned down time and time again, and eventually, they prevailed, so if you believe, dust yourself off and go after that opportunity with even more gusto.

Learn from the best, and you will become the best!

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