A road trip is a time for adventure and making memories, by tackling the highway and country roads to meet a set destination. Whether to see a relative or bask in the culture of a new city the time spent in your car should be a pleasant one that ensures you and whoever is coming along with you is safe, comfortable and entertained on your trip. If that sounds like the kind of car journey you are looking for, take a look at how the below in-car gadgets that can instantly enhance your excursion.

Dash Cam

The top of your priority list on your journey will be yours and everyone else’s safety, amongst having a first aid kit packed in the boot and some food supplies, you should think about investing in a dash cam, preview this link for the best dash cams in 2018 https://www.blackboxmycar.com/pages/best-dash-cams-of-2018. This gadget is gaining momentum in popularity across the US, for its ability to record the worse case scenarios should you experience an accident or experience a break-in when you are away from your car exploring a new town. Journeying to new places includes fun and excitement, but it also arrives with a whole host of adverse problems that could dampen your road trip. The dash cam takes care of this, allowing you to share evidence with your insurance company should a car cut you up on the highway or a thief smash your car window to gain access to your personal possessions.

Mobile Phone Charger

Cell phones themselves are an essential tool everyone carries around with them for their own personal and business uses, to play games and keep entertained, watch videos, catch up on work emails or stay connected with friends when they’re out of state. Losing charge from your phone could be one of the worst scenarios for you, and your nearest and dearest to catch yourselves in on a long car journey. The primary reason being is yours, and other car-users safety could be in jeopardy if you’re caught in an accident. Which is why having your phones charged is crucial to ensure you can call the emergency services if you’ve been caught in a crash.
An in-car phone charger, preferably with multiple USB slots will prevent this crisis from occurring, as a priority keeping everyone connected in an emergency and as a luxury, entertained on their journey.


Having dedicated some thought around the gadgets above to keep you and your family/friends safe and of course, entertained, there’s nothing like a trusty satnav to navigate you to your destination on your journey when you have no idea where you’re going. Using a satnav means you can keep your mobile phone free and accessible to use if you need to make a call. Plus most importantly you will be alerted of speed limits too, to avoid any out of town mishaps on the road such as speed tickets arriving at your day a few weeks later.

The essential in-car gadgets displayed above are detachable items you can buy online and in various stores in preparation for your road trip. These are gadgets of which, besides from using for a road trip, can be used on other car trips too, whether to and from work, running errands and school pick-ups.

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