There are few things that frighten a parent more than having to pull of a 13 hour flight without any form of entertainment. Not for themselves, but for their young child. If you are dealing with an upcoming flight and are not quite sure how you are going to make it through alive, then you definitely need to consider investing in kids tablets.

Of course, as a parent, you are used to screaming, boredom, and all other kinds of annoying things that kids “suffer” through. But you are not really too concerned about the direct effects of your child not being content. The thing that can really screw you as a parent on a long-distance flight is how your fellow passengers respond to your child’s temper tantrums. Even if you are lucky and the person sitting next to you is a fellow parent, or at least familiar with kids, you still will have an entire plane full of people who are sending all of the inner angst they can summon up towards you.

If you want to avoid an extremely uncomfortable flight, and even worse de-planing, you should definitely invest in kids tablets. Buying your kids a pretty affordable tablet is going to go a long way in making everybody’s flight so much more enjoyable.

If you have previously held off on spending money on a tablet because you do not want your child to be corrupted by technology, you are an admirable person. But torturing 100-200 other souls simply because you want to make sure your child stays pure is not an admirable deed in the slightest.

If you are open to having a trouble-free flight, think about ways you could use technology to entertain your child during the flight. With a few pre-loaded videos and games, if your child is old enough to play them, you will have enough material on there to ensure that your child has a fantastic flight. If your child has a fantastic flight, so will the rest of the passengers. If the rest of the passengers have a good flight, chances are you will be able to, too.

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