Staying healthy during a cold winter is hard work. Indeed, this time of year is when we are likely to be most at risk of getting ill.

However, could heading off for a ski break offer you an enormously pleasurable way of staying healthy during the coldest months of the year? There are certainly some very good reasons for believing that this could be the case.

Get Lots of Exercise

The first important point to bear in mind is that skiing is a tremendous activity for getting fit and healthy at any stage of life. It is a sport that works out just about every part of the body and will leave you feeling fantastic afterwards.

This is especially important in winter when many of us lead far more sedentary lifestyles. If the cold weather at home means that you drive to work and back without getting out to walk at all then this trip could be a huge boost for you.

As well as making you feel fitter and stronger, a ski break can also boost your immune system too. If you have been sitting about a lot since the weather turned bad then this is a wonderful chance to add some exercise and fun to your days.

Eat Healthy Food

It is also very easy to slip into the bad habit of eating unhealthily when the winter weather begins to bite each year. When your body craves more calories to stay warm it is easy to binge out on the likes of fast food, chocolate, and other stuff that doesn’t do you much good.

The good news is that the best ski resorts are renowned for having amazing restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. For instance, if you go to the French Alps then the local Savoyard cuisine is a hearty but healthy type of food with a strong emphasis on natural ingredients from the region.

While fast food is readily available in most resorts, you could definitely use this trip as an opportunity to eat more healthily. One of the great pleasures of any ski trip comes from sitting in a classy restaurant and enjoying a fine meal with some stunning views.

The workouts that you get on the pistes will leave you feeling hungry so you can definitely expect to enjoy your eating out while you are away. The need to fill up with healthy food after some strenuous skiing should also make you more aware of the essential nutrients that you need in your food.    

Avoid Depression and Stress

A less noticeable effect of the winter season on your health could be the way that it causes you to get depressed or stressed. Cold days and long, dark nights can have a profound effect on us at this time of year and leave us struggling to see the bright side of life.

The most common condition that affects people at this time of year is called SAD (seasonal affective disorder). This is a very common problem that normally occurs when a person struggles to adapt to the winter season.

Making winter more enjoyable and not at all depressing can be as easy as going to a fun ski resort and having the time of your life. Your worries and negative thoughts are likely to just disappear as you discover the sheer fun of life out on the slopes.

The same applies if you have been feeling stressed at home or at work recently. Getting away for a change of scenery like this could be exactly what you need to feel a lot more relaxed for the rest of the winter.

Being stressed out can lead to serious health problems, so finding a way of relieving the stress is definitely something you will want to consider. What better way is there of doing this than out on the slopes?    

Breathe in the Cool, Fresh Air

Does the nasty, polluted air at home make you feel unwell? This can be even worse during the winter months, as more people use their central heating and spend more time in their cars.

If you want to make winter easier on your body then why not head to the mountains for a healthy break? Check out the ski holidays 2017 options to find out which destination is best for you.

If you work in an office or factory then you might find that it suffers from sick building syndrome as well.  This is when many people in the same building get sick with headaches, cold or some other problem, especially when the central heating or air conditioning is turned on all day long.

Getting away from the usual places to enjoy the cool, fresh air of the mountains is a terrific way of feeling healthier and of breathing in cleaner air for a few days. This could be exactly what you need to feel better and to get through to spring without any major health worries.

With any trip like this you make, it is important to get organized in order to plan it perfectly from the very start.  

Lose Weight and Stay in Shape    

Staying in trim over the cold winter months can be hard work too. The lack of activity and unhealthier eating habits can easily lead to putting on unwanted extra weight at this time of year.

As well as the benefits we have already looked at, there is also the fact that skiing is a wonderful way of burning off calories too. Opinion is divided over exactly how many calories you will burn in this way but expect to lose at least 300 calories per hour doing this.

Even if you enjoy the restaurants and bars in the ski resort that you choose, it is highly possible that you lose weight during the trip. It is a great feeling to head home feeling as though you have had a fun break that has also helped you to lose some weight into the bargain.

Feel Happier and Sleep Better

These are a couple of additional benefits that you might not even notice unless you pay attention. For a start, you are likely to feel your mood lighten right away when you head here on a break.

Any type of exercise can help you to feel happier. Of course, doing it in such naturally beautiful surroundings just serves to make it even more special.

Another effect you will be happy to see is that of sleeping better. If you have been struggling to get a good night’s sleep lately then this will be a huge relief.  

In part, this is to do with the exercise and fresh air that you will get each day. Heading to your bed in the chalet or hotel feeling completely exhausted is a fantastic sensation.

There is also the mental side of things, as you feel a complete sense of relaxation. When you go to bed with a smile on your face and no worries on your mind it is far easier to fall asleep quickly.

If you have thought in the past that a ski break is just about having a good time then think again. These interesting health benefits prove that it can also do you a world of good too.