When it comes to retail outlets, space is at a premium. As rental prices continue to rise and the property market grows evermore competitive, business owners are being forced to develop ways of operating within increasingly small spaces. Here are some ways to create a successful retail outlet with minimal space.

1. Shelving

Creating a retail outlet with merchandise displayed at different levels is an extremely effective method for making the most of a small retail outlet. Not only does it save valuable space, it can also increase the outlet’s visual appeal. Rather than having everything located at the same height, consumers will have something to look everywhere they turn, keeping their attention span occupied and providing them with motivation to continue browsing. If you think you may not have the expertise to install suitable shelving in your business, consider employing the services of a retail outfitter such as TU Projects, who can provide an experienced team of shop fitters to make the most of your retail outlet’s space.

2. Lighting

Bad lighting can make a small retail outlet appear even tinier than it is in reality. A poorly lit corner may not even register in the eyes of patrons, wasting its potential to be used as valuable space. By employing a variety of different lights set at various levels of brightness, every square inch of your business should be appropriately illuminated, allowing what little room is available to be maximised. In addition to making the most of limited space, good lighting can also make a retail outlet appear warm and inviting to patrons.

3. De-clutter

When creating a retail outlet, business owners should endeavour to keep the space as neat and organised as possible. Carelessly displayed stock, messy signage and overcrowded countertops can be extremely detrimental to the overall appearance of a retail outlet, giving the impression of a cramped and disorganised business. Walkways in particular should be kept clear, in order to allow patrons to navigate their way around the store without difficulty. To ensure the retail outlet remains free of clutter, all décor and merchandise should be arranged with a minimalist approach, allowing for a clean and spacious interior.

4. Accent Wall

Featuring an accent wall in a small retail outlet is a fun way of creating the illusion of space. A commonly used technique of interior designers, accent walls can add a bright pop of colour while simultaneously making the space appear roomier. If you love bold, rich colours but are worried your favourite shade might a little too dramatic to be used on all four walls of the retail outlet, an accent wall can emphasise the space without overpowering the rest of the room.

Regardless of whether the outlet is located in the city, a regional area or in the middle of suburbia, being able to make the most of a small amount of space is crucial to survival in the retail industry. Do you have any tips for making a small space appear larger? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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