Because Hong Kong boasts to be one of the freest economies in the world, entrepreneurs stand to benefit from the many lucrative opportunities in the province. The city has a flourishing economy, which supports workers who are some of the most highly paid in the world. This is not surprising, as the trades that support Hong Kong are both traditional exports and financials and the more modern tech-heavy industries.

Hong Kong’s economic epicentre demands a lot from those who choose this province as a place for business. For this reason, positioning your company to be in a place to take advantage of the many opportunities is extremely important to your business. However, in a place where office space is a premium and very expensive, SMEs and start-ups are shut out of this lucrative market, but there is a solution.

Let’s take a look at how you can utilise your co-working space to further your business goals and reap the benefits of doing business in Hong Kong.

Consider Shared Office Space

Shared office space is one of a few solutions Hong Kong businesses with smaller budgets have in getting reasonable office space. Of the most popular plans, the virtual office, coworking spaces and serviced offices can place your business in some of the more prestigious areas around the Central District and Kowloon area. Visit Servcorp Hong Kong site at to see the various locations where your office might sit in the province.

Shared office space has a number of benefits, in addition to providing your company with a location in Hong Kong. For one, these office spaces provide you with the furnishings, equipment and amenities that can make overhead increasingly expensive. Finally, these shared spaces fit out businesses with, in many cases, world-class IT services. For your business’s pocketbook, the investment of leasing shared space in Hong Kong’s financial centre yields financial rewards, and depending on the type of space, the location raises your company’s profile.

Get Comfortable With Networking

A big part of the shared space revolution is its emphasis on connecting professionals with others in their field and across industries, and this is the case with Hong Kong’s coworking communities. Coworking, especially, presents businesses with numerous opportunities to meet others and engage in the type of conversations that generate referrals, connect professionals with possible mentors, generate new business and are the foundation of much collaboration that happens in business. Whether attending after-hours events or more formal conferences, shared spaces are at the core of connecting professionals to the Hong Kong business community, which ultimately translates into business.

Find Your Community

While still holding true to helping businesses fit out premium office space, many of these shared spaces also double as communities where businesses can take networking up a notch. Collaborating is almost a natural result that occurs when professionals are allowed to engage each with other both informally and formally. Hong Kong’s business culture, moreover, is based on a hierarchical structure that values relationships centred on trust, and this is the case with many of the shared spaces in the province.

Many of these communities focus on creating a fun environment that connects professional on a socially. Often, as a part of shared spaces in Hong Kong, your business might be invited to attend social gatherings like movie night, barbecues and other team building events that encourage being relational, even in the business setting. For your bottom dollar, these laid-back social events again can build the foundation of establishing connections, which can translate into business.

The Benefits Of Hong Kong’s Shared Spaces

Living and working in Hong Kong has its own intrinsic benefits, but for your business, the province’s high visibility lends itself to your business being able to tap into resources not found in other markets. By providing businesses access to some of the more exclusive addresses in Hong Kong and creating a sense of community, Hong Kong’s shared spaces prepare businesses to play in its province’s high profile economy. Ultimately, your business reaps many financial rewards.