How often do you get home, think ‘wow, that was a busy day!’, and then spend your evening in a state of nervous exhausation, unable to leave the trials and tribulations of your working day behind? It’s happening to more of us than you might think. What’s needed is: an evening overhaul! Say goodbye to nights of reliving your working day; we’re on hand to make your evenings peaceful and chilled, everything your hours between 9-5 aren’t. Clear the schedule and turn off your phone, relaxation awaits.

A Film Night

Nothing can you put in a tranquil mood quite like watching somebody else go through misery. See, it could be worse! Whatever films you’re in to, spending a couple of hours escaping to a far flung alternative reality is the ideal way to think bigger without experiencing the accompanying mental fatigue. Turn on the box and switch off your mind; you’ll feel great afterward. Not sure what you’re looking for? Install ShowBox and browse until something catches your eye. Go ahead and download it from this website and reclaim your evening.

Lost in Music and Meditation

Forget dinner, don’t check the news, absolutely positively don’t even think about doing the dishes. Sit back and let the music of history’s most chilled out performers serenade you into contentment from the comfort of your own living room. You can never underestimate the power of having good music and a few candles lit as you let the day slip away from you. For many, this is a type of meditation. Don’t put a limit on it – 30 minutes, an hour, or however long it takes it the aim of the game. Focusing only on yourself, not on Facebook or other activities that cloud our brain, will help you achieve a peaceful inner vibe.

Glass of Wine with Friends

I think we should let good old science decide how we spend our evenings. Dear science, what will make me feel happiest? A glass of wine with friends, you say? OK, if you insist! In fact, apparently just thinking about wine is enough to make us feel more relaxed. Scientists have also shown that being with friends also makes us feel more relaxed and happier, more than being with family and especially more than being with work colleagues. So if you ever needed an excuse to call up your old friends and get together for a midweek glass of wine, you’ve got one: science told you to do it.

A Bath

There are some nights when no amout of distraction or wine will do the job. On those nights, the nights when the thought of people brings you down, the only place you should be finding yourself is in the bathtub. Baths have been a staple part of human life for thousands of years, and with good reason – they do wonders for us! They’ve been proven to relieve stress, help us sleep, and help fight against niggling colds and illnesses. Add a dose of eucalyptus oil to your bath, light a few candles, and sink in to the deep pleasures of a tried and tested remedy against stress.

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