There are some vacations that are the typical, nice getaways from the day to day. Then there are some vacations that are completely unique experiences that will change your life forever. Going to the Canadian Rockies on a heli skiing adventure is one of these holidays. For any ski enthusiast who wants to have the holiday of a lifetime, then racing down the untouched slopes of Rocky Mountains is for you. So go ahead and clear a week on your calendar and let the planning begin.

While heli skiing is enjoyed by adventurists around the world in various locations, the place where you’ll find the best powder and greatest thrills is British Columbia. It was where heli skiing was invented almost fifty years ago after all. Today, cities like Revelstoke and Golden are the most ideal spaces for this invigorating sport. Found in a basin at the bottom of the Rockies, Golden in particular is a lovely destination for all skiing tourists.

High above the city, the true majesty of these mountains await you. When you arrive at your heli skiing vacation, expert pilots will fly you to these breathtaking peaks by helicopter. Once you’ve reached the top, the only way is down. You’ll race down the most beautiful and pristine slopes in the world, taking in the wintry playground at top speeds. There’s no need to worry about space like you would normally at a ski resort. The heli skiing guides only take up private groups of four people at a time, so when you start your descent, it’s just you and your closest friends flying down the slopes. You won’t have to share the best, untouched powder with anyone else but them.

Before you head off on your adventure, you should treat yourself to some new gear. A pair of well-fitting ski boots is essential to any ski vacation. Keeping warm is also a priority, as the wintry peaks of the Rockies are cold year-round. Synthetic shirts and pants that wick sweat from your body are great to layer underneath your jacket. If you’re hesitant to travel so far with your own poles and skis, don’t worry. The heli skiing companies in British Columbia will have an extensive catalogue of top performing gear for you to use.

There are a few companies that offer heli-skiing in British Columbia, but you should click here to investigate the best in the world. After you’ve done some research about heli skiing vacations, you’ll find that the best companies offer totally customizable packages with full service amenities. Expert guides and service professionals will want to make your vacation unforgettable from start to finish, so you can expect to stay in luxury lodges when you’re not chasing adventure down the slopes. They’ll accommodate every whim needed for an adventure like this, so that your heli skiing adventure is a vacation to beat all the rest.