The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show wasn’t a platform for only technological companies to showcase their latest products, Grammy Award winner, and The Black Eyed Peas member,, took the opportunity to showcase his new smart watch, called i.amPULS

According to the musician, he isn’t releasing the smart watch just because he can, it took a lot of work and effort to come up with a device he is proud to attach his name to. Like other smart watches on the market, the i.amPULS has its own operating system, it has GPS, it gives the user access to social media through apps, it can play music, playback videos, and is also a fully functioning phone, that doesn’t need to be connected to any smartphone to work.

The hands free phone feature is one of the features that enjoys using the most, because it allows him to talk freely, in the car or at the gym, without having to crane his neck in a weird position, just to talk. Some of the other features on the phone includes using the display pad to dial numbers, and send text messages and email. The new operating system on i.amPULS is called AneedA, it was built on the foundations of Android operating systems, and has a feature that allows users to ask it to do tasks by using voice commands, so you can make calls, send messages, or even get a weather update by simply asking it.

The black cuff styled design of the smart watch is supposed to make it stand out from the competition, and give it its own unique look, instead of trying to mimic any other smart watch on the market. Unlike other smart watches, which are mostly designed to be health monitors these days, the i.amPULS was designed to be a fashion device, similar to a Gucci Band, or Chanel cuff, and is being marketed and priced as such. used the opportunity to try to encourage kids in inner city neighbourhoods, especially those that participate in his after school programs, to get more involved in math, science, and technology, so they can aspire to design or create their own thing, because he is a good example of making something others thought was a dream into a reality.

The release date for the i.amPULS has not yet been revealed, but the smart watch is expected to retail for $400, when it does get released.