The Caribbean has always been synonymous with paradise, at least in the West. But by visiting the Caribbean, you’ll see how this metaphor is actually quite close to the truth. The Caribbean is littered with beautiful islands, each one teeming with life and places to visit.

In this post, we’re going to have a look at the Caribbean island destinations that will rock your world.


Aruba is a small Dutch Caribbean island, relatively close to the coast of Venezuela. But even though the island is quite small, it still packs an impressive punch for its size. Crucially, there are many resorts in Aruba that cater for families, making it one of the most child-friendly places in the Caribbean.

Yet that’s not to say that the island doesn’t have anything for adults to do. It does. There is a thriving nightlife in Aruba’s biggest town.

The British Virgin Islands

As a destination the British Virgin Islands, or the BVI for short, are legendary. They’re legendary for their diversity, and for their character.

The islands themselves are characteristically Caribbean. You can expect to see sandy beaches, tall palm trees and azure-blue oceans. But on top of that, there are some fascinating remnants of the British colonial days worth exploring.

The whole island chain can be explored on BVI crewed yacht charters that operate in the region. These are an excellent opportunity to snap amazing photos and take the kids on something they can really enjoy.

Puerto Rico

One of the big draws of Puerto Rico is that you don’t need a passport, if you’re from the US, to go there. Once you get there, it’s essentially a home away from home. English is spoken there as a first language. And all of the bars and restaurants have an American feel to them.

Major towns, like San Juan and Ponce, have a range of historical sites that you can visit, as well as an active nightlife.

The island is also renowned for its amazing surf, which attracts surfers from all over the region. Combine that with its great food, and favorable weather and Puerto Rico should be a Caribbean island on everybody’s bucket list.


Vieques might not be the best known Caribbean island, but if you’re looking for serenity, you’ll find it here. This is the island in which you really can get away from it all. Because of its small size, the island isn’t home to many inhabitants. In fact, only about 10,000 people live there, giving it an almost deserted feel. If you like taking it easy and contemplating your existence, this is the place for you.


Antigua is famous for two things: its pink beaches and its gambling. As soon as you arrive at Antigua, you’ll notice how the entire natural harbor is packed with yachts of all varieties. And that should come as no surprise. Night life line the streets like lamp posts in Antigua’s towns.

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