North America is a super popular destination for many world travelers, but when they book their trip, most only have one destination in mind: the United States. It’s true that the States is a great location for all kinds of vacations – there are so many great places to explore and discover, all of which are suitable for all ages. However, many travelers often forget the State’s northern neighbor – Canada!

Canada is a vast country and has just as much to offer as America. Not convinced? Check out these tops cities, and I’m sure it’ll leave you hungry for a Canadian adventure!

Toronto, Ontario

The city of Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province, and ever since it hosted the Pan American Games back in 2015, it has quickly grown in popularity with tourists. While you are there, it’s worth checking out the historic Distillery District, which looks like it’s come out of a movie. In fact, this area has been used as a movie set numerous times, so you might be able to spot the place where your favorite flick was filmed! Toronto is also known for a flourishing foodie scene, and it’s worth checking out the weekly Kensington Market to sample some local delicacies.

Calgary, Alberta

If you fancy visiting a very cosmopolitan city, then book a few nights at the Residence Inn Calgary to explore this gorgeous Alberta city. There’s a whole lot of arts and culture packed into this city, such as the Glenbow Museum and Nickle Galleries. It’s also worth heading to the Calgary Zoo, especially if you have young children, so that you can come face to face with many native species and other animals from across the globe.

Montreal, Quebec

Fancy testing your French skills? If so, then you should book a trip to Montreal. This is Canada’s second-largest city and has sights and attractions to boot. When you are there, climb up to the top of St. Joseph’s to take in the view from its dome – this is the highest point in the whole of Montreal. There’s also a lot of parkland in the city, perfect for leisurely evening strolls. Once you’ve hiked to your heart’s content, you should sample the Montreal nightlife. There are 800 bars in the city, so plenty to keep you happy whatever your tastes!

Vancouver, British Columbia

Situated on Canada’s west coast, Vancouver has plenty for the whole family to discover. Its neighborhoods are very walkable, so you won’t have to rely so much on public transport or hire cars. And it really is worth getting out to explore more neighborhoods than just its downtown. Main Str. feels like a small, hipster village while Kitsilano has gorgeous beaches and plenty of boutiques for you to browse. The city is also perfectly placed for those who want to discover the bracing Canadian landscapes – snow-capped mountains are just a short drive from the city.

So, if you have been thinking about visiting the States, why not consider a trip to Canada instead?