When it comes to our financial situation you may often feel like there is no scope for change at times. You might earn a fixed income, you may have a certain amount of bills to pay and what is lefty is what is left, doe that sound familiar? The truth is, that even if you have no way of increasing your income, you can still stretch things out to afford the lifestyle you want to lead. I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do it.

Shop around when it comes to the big purchases

One of the things we cannot avoid if having to make big purchases in our lives. This can be anything from your house to the car that your drive. They are necessary parts of our lives, and so you need to ensure that you are getting the best deal in terms of how you find them. Shopping around for decent mortgage rates and looking for the best auto loans is a great way to ensure that you pay the minimum amount and have the best deal for your future finances.

Live the savvy life

It may sound obvious, but changing some of your habits when it comes to how you live can help you to stretch your budget further andin tru leave you with more disposable income to enjoy. The food shop can be reduced simply by investing time to meal plan and write and stick to a list. You can reduce the costs of evenings or days out by using voucher codes or coupons. You can even significantly reduce what you spend online by earning cashback along with everyday purchases. It all adds up.

Make changes to those regular bill payments

The next thing to think about would be the bills you pay regularly each month. When was the last time you checked you were getting the best deal? Sometimes we can be a little ignorant and think loyalty will pay off, but for things like energy and insurance products, often the best deals are kept for new customers. So don’t waste time sticking and switching providers for some of those bare essentials and you will see your payments reduce.

Ensure you are not paying for things you thought had been cancelled

We can all be gult of just checking our balances when it comes to our bank but not looking closely at the incomings and outgoings. This could be a huge mistake. You could be missing out on all sorts of debts leaving that you had thought might have been canceled, and therefore money you don’t need to spend. Forgotten gym memberships and magazine subscriptions can be some of the biggest culprits. Check your statements regularly.

Make changes to your habits

Finally, simple changes to your habits can help reduce your outgoings, especially when it comes to energy usage. Switching off lights, keeping things off instead of on standby and using less energy can help. Also thing sliek collecting rainwater in the garden and using it for gardening purposes can also help with water rates and usage.

I hope that this helps you when it comes to stretching your finances.