If you are a landowner and your property is close to public hunting grounds, then you have the amazing advantage of using this to your own benefit. Land leasing for hunting is an emerging business, and the fact that the number of hunters is increasing each year and the simplicity of the business itself makes this one of the most popular startup ideas. Still, we are talking about a business and this means you will also have to invest a bit of time and effort in order to keep it going.

Each of the 3 main steps of the land leasing business requires you thinking like an entrepreneur and not just as a landowner. The 3 main steps are:

  1. Checking if your property can be leased for hunting and putting together all the necessary documents.
  2. Implementing a marketing campaign that will allow people to find out about your business.
  3. Maintaining the property and growing its potential.

If the first 2 are quite clear, today we are going to discuss growing your land’s hunting potential.

Access to the property

If you expect to sell more hunting leases from one year to another, you must make sure your property offers all the necessary access. Usually, properties that don’t offer easy access to vehicles will be worth less money because hunters won’t be able to carry their prey back to the camp. Keep dirt roads and trails maintained throughout the entire property and make sure that when it rains they are still practicable.

Also, it helps if the property is situated nearby a main road.

Keeping the game on your property

Of course, you won’t be able to lease anything if your property doesn’t have the necessary game. Make sure to create the ideal habitat and deer, wild turkey, ducks and any other type of game in the area will come. It’s important to offer them shelter (areas with forest where they can hide), food (meadows with grass and other sources of food), and water (a pond would be great).

Also, it’s important to make sure there is a period of calm so the game population can be refreshed. Otherwise, if you allow hunters on your property all year long, you might decimate the entire game population.

Create hunting conditions

Hunters must have places where to mount their gear and hide. Also, they need large open fields where the game can be easily spotted from the hideout. So, a combination of forest and meadows is ideal for a valuable hunting property.

Also, food plots are very important to attract most of the game population on your property and give hunters a place where game will be found for sure at a certain moment of the day.

Keep trespassers away

It’s very important to make sure no one is trespassing on your property, especially when you are trying to lease it. Hunters don’t like to be disturbed and having neighbors poking their nose on your property will definitely annoy them.

As you can see, there are many things you can do to make your business more robust and powerful. Just keep in mind that when you’re leasing land for hunting, you are not actually selling land. You are selling an experience.  That’s why is important to make sure lessees will feel amazing on your property.