For many people, going to the gym is an enjoyable part of their daily routine, but for others it can be a bit of a chore, whether it’s because they don’t like exercising around other people, or the gym is difficult to get to. Whatever the reason, building up your very own home gym could well be the answer. Let’s take a look here at the things that you’ll want to stock it with if you’re to make it as useful as a regular gym.


Some sort of cardio machine is essential unless you’re planning on replacing your gym visits with a daily run. A treadmill is probably going to be the answer for most people, and the choice can be annoyingly large. At the lowest end are mechanical treadmills that rotate simply under your own power. We wouldn’t recommend these if you’re seriously interested. At the upper end are professional machines with a host of features, from being able to change incline to measuring your vitals. This might be overkill – we’d go with a good quality home electric treadmill; it’ll be suitable for most people and most applications. A bike is also a good choice; check out Fitness Warehouse if you think that might be more your thing.


A good rack of weights is an ideal choice for just about everyone. Having a variety of weight means that you’ll be able to perform different lifts and exercises; don’t always discount the smaller ones. Even if you think that weights aren’t really your thing, they can be great for toning; it’s not just bodybuilders that can make good use of them.

Stretching Area

Everyone knows how important it is to stretch at the right times to prevent injury, and it’s a good idea to have a small dedicated space for just his purpose. It’s also useful when you’re doing warm-downs or if you practice yoga or similar. All you really need is a good mat, though exercise balls are also a popular choice for this area. If you’ve got a slippery floor, it may also be wise to invest in a grip mat to go underneath – you don’t want it to slip.

Stereo System

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly a piece of fitness equipment, but it is essential for any gym! Music helps get you motivated, and when you don’t have anyone else around you, it’s more fun to use a speaker system than those annoying in-ear buds.