Globally the view of the Bronx might not be as one of the must-see places in the Western World. In fact, it may be seen as a place that better avoided on a trip to New York, rather than a location on top of people’s to visit lists. However, the Bronx just like the other four districts in New York City is a vital part of a whole, and if you choose to avoid it, you will be missing out on all the wonderful attractions below. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Yankee Stadium

Of course, no trip to the Bronx will be complete without visiting the world-famous home of the Yankee baseball team, The Yankees Stadium. Located at 161st St, in season you can catch a game, or in the offseason take a tour that explains all about the history of this America most famous team.

The stadium itself is also great for soccer lovers as t is the home ground of New York City FC as well, making it an excellent twofer for any sports fans.

Bronx Zoo

Next, we come to the Bronx Zoo, a pretty impressive set up for a city park; here you will find all sorts of animal singing big cats like cheetahs, lions, and tigers, as well as marine malls such as sea lions. They also have plenty of primates including baboon and gorillas, so be sure to set aside a full day to explore.

Also, bear in mind that just like most of the larger attractions in New York there are plenty of places to eat and drink in the zoo. Grab a lite bite at Terrace when the weather is fine, or stop into the Dancing Crane Café which is open all year round.


OK, so you geography buffs have got me, Broadway is not in fact in the Bronx, its located in Manhattan, but I include in this post because there is a musical known as the A Bronx Tale currently running at the Longacre Theatre there.

Now, this show has Robert De Niro, yes that one, as the director and it portrays the life of an anything but average youth in the Bronx in the 1960s. Something that makes it a fantastic choice for anyone looking to immerse them themselves in Bronx culture.

New York Botanical Garden

You may not associate the Bronx with 19th-century architecture and exotic plants, but this is exactly what you will find at the New York Botanical Garden located at 2900 Southern Blvd.

Check the website for specific details on events, but you can expect Aloha nights with traditional Hawaiian dancing, a summer outdoor classical concert series, and even some advice on how to grow your own veg when you get home.

All of which are in addition to the permanent gardens, which include the Lotus and Water Lily Garden with a distinctly formal feel. Then there is the Native Plant Garden which is a rural wild garden setup, that you will hardly believe in situated slap bang in the middle of the Bronx!