Maternity cuts in the UK have angered families and prospective parents, who foresee a future in which it is too expensive to have children. The cuts to the NHS which have been proposed by the current Tory government would leave many unable to get access to the maternity care that they need.

Proposed Cuts

Maternity cuts are just a small part of the overall axing of services that will be forced across the NHS under current plans. The availability of parenting classes will be reduced, as will access to guidance on breastfeeding. Even bereavement support will be reduced, an essential service for those who go through the unthinkable loss of a child. These key services will also see movement across the country, with maternity care being relegated to community care systems instead of hospitals.

Poll of Parents

A poll has been carried out by My Voucher Codes to discover the views of Brits on this proposed decimation of the NHS. They discovered that 7 in 10 of those surveyed didn’t agree with the idea of moving maternity care out of hospitals and into community based care systems – which could cause problems with mothers who are required to travel long distances. 92% of UK residents could not afford the costs of maternity care if the NHS did not exist. More than 60% also said that they would be happy to pay more taxes in order to keep the NHS safe. A further 67% of Brits did not even realise that the maternity cuts would affect services like classes and bereavement support.

Clear Support

Chris Reilly, managing director of My Voucher Codes, commented: “It’s no secret that the general public is unhappy with the continued NHS cuts. This survey shows that people are not only taking to the streets – they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is and would contribute more taxes if it meant securing the NHS. Put plain and simply, people just can’t afford maternity care without NHS support.” It’s clear that people in the UK are in support of the NHS and all of the boons that it provides for those in need of medical assistance.

The True Cost

So, how much exactly would it cost to have a baby without the NHS? Statistics place to cost at somewhere between £3200 and £57,000, which fees differing depending on the amount of care required. For babies that are premature, that require a long birth or a caesarean section, or require specialised care after birth for another reason, the costs could quickly skyrocket. For unsuspecting parents, it could be a huge blow that prevented them from being able to deliver the care that their baby required. This is obviously of great concern to would-be parents in the UK, who already have to contend with financial realities such as the difficulty of getting onto the housing ladder.

One thing is clear: Brits are unhappy with the proposed maternity cuts, and that could weigh heavily during the next election campaign. Hopefully, policy-makers will sit up and take notice.

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