As human populations become increasingly urban, we’ve started getting nostalgic about rural living, and with good reason. Many of the daily habits of people who live in the country, away from malls, highways, and other amenities, are basic survival techniques. Some of these survival techniques are being taken up by urban populations as a way to remember the skills that at one time helped us survive. Some of them are a lot of fun, too — hence the rise in popularity of axe-throwing parties and axe-throwing leagues!

Axes were and are a part of an arsenal of daily tools and implements required for an individual or family who lives outside of an urban center. For clearing bush and chopping firewood and kindling, a sharp, study axe is essential for survival. It stands to reason, then, that people who lived in that milieu became quite adept at wielding an axe, and when it came time to hanging out with friends, or unwinding at a party, they might show off their excellent axe-throwing technique. This then turned into an opportunity to compete, as many humans love to do, and thus axe-throwing competitions were born.

Living in Toronto or the GTA might not necessitate the use of an axe at all, or as often, but we still get the same satisfaction from practicing and becoming the master of a certain tool. Add to that the time-honoured catharsis of throwing sharp objects at a target to best your friends—and you can see why axe throwing leagues and axe throwing parties have become popular, especially in Toronto, the GTA, and throughout Canada. is a great place to learn, explore, and experience this time-honoured activity. BATL is staffed by seasoned and serious axe-throwers who will make sure your first or repeated visits are safe, and most of all fun! They have regular meetings of axe-throwing leagues at all of their seven locations, and each location is also capable of being booked for axe-throwing parties. They allow you to bring your own alcohol to the party too, with the exception of glass bottles.

What could be better than getting back to your roots, feeling the surge of excitement that comes with being adept at wielding a useful tool, and doing all of that with your friends or coworkers? Join an axe throwing league or schedule your next party at an axe-throwing league and you’ll see what you’ve been missing out on all these years.