There is no shortage of great cities to visit when you take a trip to France. If you are trying to figure out which ones to include on your itinerary it can seem like a mammoth task to narrow them down. Here are just a few for you to consider.

Best for culture

Paris really does have to be on the list of cities to visit if you want to see the best that France has to offer. It is considered to be a very romantic destination and it is popular for honeymoons, but there is plenty here for families too. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre art museum and Notre-Dame cathedral are all great tourist attractions but there is also something to be said for simply taking the time to wander around the city and along the banks of the River Seine, soaking up the ambiance. Tours of the city are a great way to take in the sights, and when you get hungry, the restaurant choices available are nearly limitless.

Best for sunshine

The south of France is ideal for summer vacations, and you can spend a little time in the glamorous cities of Cannes, Monte Carlo and St Tropez. Here you can relax on a beach, enjoy refreshments in a bar or café or pick up a bargain or two in one of the designer stores. If you want to rub shoulders with the rich and famous, this is the direction to head. Cannes is particularly popular in the summer during the film festival, and this is one of the biggest draws for tourists. With so many tourists heading to this part of the country, it is essential to find a hotel in advance. It can be easy to book accommodation in France no matter what your budget.

Best for unique tourist attractions

The city of Lourdes in the Pyrenees is a unique destination for tourists as it known as an important religious center in the country. This is where St. Bernadette is reported to have had visions of the Virgin Mary, and people flock to the city and grotto to see where it all happened. The healing waters of the grotto attract people of all ages who hope that their ailments can be cured.

Best in northern France

Head over to Brittany; a great place for a family vacation. The city of Rennes is the capital of this region, and here you can enjoy all the attractions that you would expect in a city, but you are only a short distance from beaches and cliffs. The city has a historic quarter that dates back centuries. There are plenty of museums, galleries, restaurants and shops for you to explore. A trip to Brittany will need to be for at least a week for you to really make the most of everything that Rennes has to offer.

There are many more cities that you can visit while you are in France – consider the likes of Bordeaux, Marseille or Nantes – so do a little research before you set off and plan your trip carefully.