Men and rings are two things that often make a wonderful match when it comes to accessorizing. Since this trinket is ideal for expressing an understated fashion statement, it is preferred by most men. Yet, when faced with the proposition of selecting a ring for themselves, many of them feel rather clueless about the matter.

The wide range of choices available in the market further adds to the confusion and frustration. While it’s important to choose a ring with care in order to make the maximum effect, the very act of choosing a ring needn’t be a tedious affair in itself. If you too find yourself on shaky grounds when picking a ring, then relax. Check out our essential tips for selecting the perfect men’s ring to flaunt your style statement.

Consider The Occasion Or Purpose

The first thing to keep in mind is when and how do you intend to wear the trinket. If it’s a ring that you would want to flaunt on a special occasion you can opt for an elaborate piece, like diamond rings from Frost NYC. However, if you are thinking of wearing it every day, you can go for a subtle design that will gel with your regular get up and won’t look out of place.

In case of selecting rings for everyday use, you need to consider your lifestyle as well. If you are into a profession that requires you to use your hands a lot, you need to look for a piece that won’t require removing every time you go to work.

Set A Budget

A ring may be a small trinket, but the same can’t be said about its price. Of course, you can get rings that are not very expensive. At the same time, there are also pieces that can cost you a small fortune. So, start off with a budget in mind. This will enable you to narrow down your choices. Also, it will help you to avoid disappointments or frustrations by looking at the pieces that may attract your attention immediately but are way too high for your pocket. The good part is that given the wide variety of designs and styles available in the market, you won’t be short of options for any kind of budget you may have in mind.

Select The Right Metal

With the budget part sorted, you can next focus on the metal of the ring. These days you can find rings made of various types of metals and that too in attractive designs. Traditionally, gold has always been the preferred metal when it comes to jewelry. While yellow gold is the popular choice, you can make your selection from white or rose gold pieces as well, which are a rage among the fashion-conscious men these days. Then there is platinum, which is also scaling the heights of popularity in case of rings. Palladium and silver are two metals that are quite popular among buyers with a limited budget. Depending on your budget and choice, select a metal for your trinket.

Take A Call On Gemstones

There was a time when men preferred rings without much fuss. But with the changing times, taste in rings is also changing. Today men aren’t averse to the idea of flaunting rings studded with diamonds and gemstones. Once you decide in favor of a stone-studded ring, you will have to make your choice about the gemstone as well. Diamonds are everyone’s favorite and are also the most expensive among all stones. Then there are sapphires, amethysts, peridot, aquamarines, and a host of other precious and semi-precious gemstones to select from. You can also go for a mix and match of stones if you prefer. Another point to ponder upon is whether you would want a ring with a single stone or multiple stones.     

Make Your Choice About The Design

It can be the most exciting as well as the most confusing part of selecting a ring. This is because the plethora of designs available in the market can leave you excited and confused, both at the same time. When it comes to selecting a ring design, everyone has their own choice. But one thing to remember is that the design you select must match your personality. If you are someone who loves flaunting intricate designs, a simple ring may not be your match. But for those who prefer simplicity over elaborateness, they may love to wear a band over any trendy designs. Also, you will have to make a choice between traditional, contemporary, or trendy designs. If you wish, you can opt for a customized ring as well. When you are making an investment for a ring, it only makes sense to opt for something that remains true to your style.

Remember About The Comfort Factor

A ring must not only be nice to look at, but it must also be comfortable to use. You wouldn’t want to put on a ring that has protruding parts, would you? This will require you to be extra careful while wearing the ring so that the protruding parts don’t get in the way of your doing things. If you are into sports or love to play a musical instrument, a ring with a slim width and rounded edges will be a better choice as compared to pieces with irregular shapes or wide width.

Also, chunky pieces may feel good for a day or two but may not be comfortable for everyday use. So, keep the comfort factor in mind when making your choice, especially if you intend to wear the ring often. If you lead a very active lifestyle and want something really durable, a platinum ring may be ideal for your choice as the metal can withstand wear and tear quite well.

Check For Quality

Do not forget about making quality checks when selecting a ring made from precious metals or having gemstones fitted to it. This is important because when you are investing your money, you deserve to buy a ring that’s worth your hard-earned bucks. Also, if you think of reselling the ring a few years down the line, much of the resale value will depend on the purity of the ring’s metal or the quality of its stone.

There are several ways through which purity of metals is determined these days. For instance, in the case of gold rings, purity of gold is measured in terms of karat. In the case of diamonds or other precious stones, reputed jewelers provide quality certificates for this purpose.

Pay Attention To The Size And Width

Of course, you will have to consider the size and width of the ring before making a final decision. For a ring to be worn comfortably, it must neither be too tight or too loose to wear. In other words, the fit must be perfect so that it sits on your finger without any problem. Determining your ring size is easy. Any professional jeweler can measure your finger and tell you about your appropriate ring size. As far as the width of a ring is concerned, generally a wide width is regarded as more masculine. But don’t opt for a wide width ring simply because of this reason.

You need to select a width depending on the size of your hands. If you have large hands, a ring with a wide width will look good on you. But for smaller hands, slim width rings will be perfect. However, remember that there are no set rules here. It all boils down to your preference as well.

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