Installing modifications on off-road vehicles is a widely popular part of the hobby. Problem is that a lot of the “mods” available are expensive, sometimes thousands of dollars. With the help of North Pointe Jeep (Seneca, PA), we put together a list of 8 mods that are affordable.   

Grab Handles – Having something to grab on to when traveling over bumpy terrain can improve the off-roading experience for passengers. Grab handles can also make entering and exiting the vehicle an easier task.  There are many companies that make them which you can find on the web or by visiting your local dealer.

Better Engine Air Filter – Engine air filters get dirty fast when a vehicle is used off-road. Although factory filters do a pretty good job at stopping dust from getting sucked into the engine, aftermarket air filters often use superior oiled-filtration technology. Performance replacement filters drop right into the factory air box and are an easy upgrade.

Off-Road Lights – Off-Road lighting will provide safety benefits because you can see further at night. The most economical off-road lights are Halogen, but LED lighting is preferred today.  You can find off-road lights at your local dealer or on the web.

Shock Absorbers – Shocks have a lifespan of just a few years on a vehicle that is used for off-roading. When you need a new set, it may be a good time to upgrade to an off-road ready pair.  You will find many that are direct factory replacements and some designed for lifted vehicles.

Head Lights – Adding new replacement headlights is easy and many can provide you with brighter lighting out front. There are a wide selection of options and most are available from your dealer or local parts store.

High Flow Muffler – Swapping out the factory muffler with a high flow unit will yield performance gains for your off-road vehicle. In addition to adding horsepower, your vehicle will have a deeper exhaust tone too. If you are handy, you can perform the swap yourself but you may want to have a professional muffler shop do it.

Mud Flaps – If you are driving to work or participating in off-road adventures, mud flaps add safety and look good. Mud flaps help keep rain, rocks, mud and other debris from being kicked up by your wheels.

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