All families should focus on spending quality time together, however, they worry that they haven’t got the funds. Don’t panic! There are plenty of things you can do as a family at home that won’t cost you the earth. Here are 7 ideas for quality family time at home that should help you to feel like a unit again:

Eat A Nice Meal Together

Eating dinner together as a family is a lost art. Most families take their meals to different rooms, or eat at separate times. Some even eat in front of the TV. If you want to have quality family time at home, then you need to try to eat dinner together as often as possible. If you have more time, you could even cook it together. Eating dinner around the table gives you all a chance to catch up properly. Simply eating food together at the same time is a bonding act alone.

Take On A Home DIY Project

Why not take on a home DIY project with the whole family? You could makeover a room and get the kids to help with the smaller jobs. When the kids feel like they’re helping you, they’ll get a sense of satisfaction from the finished result too.

Have A Movie Night

Movie night’s are perfect weekend activities, and they aren’t expensive either. You don’t need to go to the cinema. When you have an affordable home package like you can choose from many films and TV programs. All you need to do is buy a few bags of popcorn!

Do Some Arts And Crafts

There are so many things you and your kids can create. Do some arts and crafts together! Make bookmarks, stuffed toys, jewelry – whatever takes your fancy. This stuff is pretty cheap to pick up from craft stores and it’s the perfect activity for kids who say they are bored.

Play Board Games

Board games played as a family are a lot of fun, from Monopoly to Cluedo. Having a collection of board games to play with family and friends will allow you to make plenty of memories. It’ll also remind your kids that they can have fun playing games outside of the world online.

Go For A Walk

Not at home, but still cheap and can be done nearby. Just get your shoes and coats on and head out for a walk. Walk in a direction you’ve never walked before – see where the wind takes you. Walking is such a healthy activity, and a great bonding activity when done together.

Read Together

Reading to your kids before bed is a joy. Take it in turns to read chapters, and make sure you get snuggled up. It doesn’t just have to be before bed either. You could all read in the living room at the same time – your own books and in your heads, of course. Reading is a wonderful activity for the imagination.

You don’t have an excuse for not spending family time together anymore!

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