Do you have a budget of $100 or less for a gift you want to get for someone? Then you need to know what you can get that will be a hit! Here are some of the best gadgets you can purchase if you’re not able to spend a lot of money.

1. Nintendo NES Classic Edition – Do you know someone that used to play NES games back in the day? Are you trying to get a gift for someone that likes video games in general? You get the mini console, a controller, and 30 built in games for around $60.

2. JBL Flip 3 – A music lover will enjoy this gift if they have a smartphone or any other device that utilizes Bluetooth technology. This speaker has is splash proof and is equipped with a battery that has 10 hours of life per charge. You can find the JBL Flip 3 for $100 new and it can be used to listen to anything from music to videos without pesky wires getting in the way.

3. Amazon Echo Dot – This is a smart speaker that lets you use Alexa to do anything from getting a weather report to playing music. It can even be used with many different smart home devices. You’ll be able to find this for $50 usually, making it one of the better deals for something that has so many uses.

4. Refurbished HP Stream 7 Tablet – If you want a fully functional tablet to gift to someone that won’t put you over your budget, you can find this one refurbished for around $80. There are even coupons and promo codes that make this even more affordable. With a 7 inch display and 32gb of on-board storage, you may even want to consider getting one for yourself!

5. Nintendo 2DS – Another Nintendo device on this list, but this one plays current games that are still coming out to this day. This is a handheld console and can play big hits in gaming like the new Pokemon games. It will run you around $99 but you can also find refurbished units for a lot less if you look at Nintendo’s online store.

6. Logitech UE Roll 2 – An interesting speaker, this is another that has a $100 price tag. What makes this one interesting is that it comes with an accessory that helps it to float in water. This would be a good buy for someone that wants to have a speaker in the pool or in a tub. It comes in different colors so try to find one that your friends or family members will like the most.

7.Google Chromecast Ultra – A 4K and HDR compatible streaming video device, the Google Chromecast Ultra is only $69! It can be used to control videos from a tablet or smartphone and it doesn’t require you to have an Amazon Prime account like the Amazon Fire TV option. The faster processing speeds and the fact that this works with Apple and Android devices makes it a must for anyone that loves gadgets.

The gifts described here are all a good price and will make the day of whoever you give them to. You don’t have to go broke when you are shopping for the holidays. Gifts that are thoughtful like those on this list will be enjoyed for a long time after Christmas!

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