There are many good reasons to study. Evidence shows that business (and related courses including: accounting, finance, economics and management) are perennially popular areas of study, with the demand for appropriately qualified people being strong both locally and internationally.

Other than university study, many excellent, credible business courses can be accessed via traditional and flexible learning arrangements. In fact, vocationally-based business courses offered by respected providers like Evocca College can equip you with a wonderful base of knowledge, skills and experiences that provide a great foundation for work in the business sector.

Check out 6 of the best reasons to study business:

1. Business is always relevant

The demand for graduates of business courses throughout the world is strong and growing. A good reason for this is that business is relevant to almost every aspect of contemporary society. There are many different types of business courses and qualifications and people can therefore choose courses applicable to their stage of development and in line with their career goals.

2. Business careers are diverse and often highly paid

Depending on the qualifications you gain and the experiences you acquire, many business careers offer great diversity and good remuneration. The fact that business careers can take a variety of forms and directions certainly holds appeal for many prospective students.

3. Learning is varied and interesting

When studying for a business qualification, regardless of the level you are at or your preferred area of specialisation, you can expect that your course will include a focus on theory being practically applied, learning through case studies, problem-solving activities, projects, team work and possibly practical experience gained through work placements.

4. Business graduates work in a range of sectors

When qualified, those who have undertaken business courses tend to gain employment in a range of sectors. Positions in accounting and finance departments have traditionally been secured by those who have studied business, but there is great and growing demand for skilled business graduates in sectors including: advertising and marketing, sales, human resources, retail and business consultancy.

5. You can expect healthy career progression

While some students are drawn to business study because of the earning potential, it’s unrealistic to expect an enormous salary immediately after graduation. However, the skills, knowledge and experience that you develop through your studies are likely to propel your career growth and progression.

6. You’ll gain transferable skills

Business study equips you with a diverse range of skills and a broad base of knowledge. The valuable transferable skills that you acquire through your study of business can be usefully applied to your everyday life and a variety of other professional situations if you ultimately choose a different career path.

Choosing a business education is a very wise move. Business study is interesting, diverse and leads to many exciting, rewarding and potentially lucrative professional opportunities. The particularly good news is that, because skilled business graduates are in high demand throughout the world, employment prospects are strong with opportunities available in a range of contexts, organisations and locations.

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