Wonderfully, there is a definite movement after the pandemic in terms of people across the country wanting to live a more environmentally friendly and altogether more ethical life. 

Furthermore, there has been a significant increase in the amount of people who have chosen to turn vegan. Therefore, this Christmas, what better gift to give than one that visually demonstrates the respect and thoughtfulness you bestow on your vegan friends? Read on for some top tips for vegan gift ideas.

  1. Ice-Cream Maker

Let’s be honest, anyone, no matter who they are, would love an ice-cream maker wrapped up under the tree this Christmas. There are unlimited options and combinations in terms of flavour and your friend will adore experimenting with healthy flavour combinations (and not so healthy ones) when they want to treat themselves.

  1. Crystal Jewellery

Beautifully hand-crafted and stunningly unique crystal jewellery is one of the most impressive and thoughtful gifts you could possible give a loved one, and pieces from a reputable and knowledgeable jewellery maker such as fullmoondesigns.co.uk are made with 100% vegan products. 

Whether you choose a gorgeous set of earrings, a striking necklace, or a magnificently understated bracelet, be sure to choose a crystal that will be meaningful to the recipient, with extra points to be gained for incorporating their favourite colour combinations. 

  1. Make-Up Box

Cosmetics that contain absolutely no ingredient of an animal derivative and that have never been tested on animals throughout the various stages of manufacturing are only then wholly a vegan product. You could either purchase a vegan make-up gift set from vegan-friendly suppliers or, if you are feeling particularly creative this holiday season, you could even have a go at making vegan make-up yourself at home. 

  1. Vegan Food Hampers

Although it may seem a particularly obvious choice of Christmas present for your ethical, vegan friend, instead of simply ordering a vegan food hamper from an online store, instead why not make your own? Source a beautiful and medium-sized wicker basket and fill it with products such as apple and parsnip crisps, vegan chocolate-covered almonds and chilli and garlic olives. Tie a ribbon and place your handmade Christmas card inside the basket and make your vegan loved one a very ‘happy camper’ this Christmas.

  1. Liqueurs

Whether in vegan chocolate form or a wonderfully ornate large bottle of Irish cream, liqueurs make a wonderful and thoughtful Christmas present, especially now online and high-street stores alike are beginning to stock a wide range of vegan-friendly liqueurs. Irish cream liqueurs that are entirely vegan-friendly use almond milk instead of dairy products and taste just as delicious as their dairy-based counterparts.

  1. Indoor Herb Garden

Another fabulous gift idea that is equally perfect for meat-lovers and vegans, an indoor herb garden gives your loved one the chance to start personalizing their meals and experimenting with different herbs to create wholly different flavour combinations. Incorporate various pouches of different herbs to get them started and be sure to include staple herbs such as rosemary, oregano, thyme and basil.