Driving is something many of us take for granted. It’s something we do so often that we sometimes forget the basic rules and become careless. We hear about people getting caught up in various incidents and think “it won’t happen to me”. It’s good to take a reality check now and then to remember that offences can be committed by anyone. Here are some common driving offences and how to avoid them.

  1. Drink Driving

If you’re caught driving with a blood alcohol level over the legal limit, which can be different in each state for an open licence, you’ll most likely face a licence suspension and a fine. To reduce the penalty, you’ll need a traffic lawyer, someone who specialises in traffic law, like those at GC Traffic Lawyers.

  1. Drug Driving

Driving under the influence of illegal drugs like ecstasy, ice or even cannabis is a serious offence, one which the courts will not take lightly. As with drink driving, you’ll face a fine and/or suspension, but the repercussions will probably be heftier. If you need to drive to earn a living, you’ll need traffic lawyers to help reduce your suspension and manage a Work Licence application.

  1. Demerit Points

You’ll lose your licence if you accumulate a certain number of demerit points (this depends on your licence and where you live). If this occurs, you may be able to obtain a special licence if you can’t get by without driving. A traffic lawyer will assist you in getting a Special Hardship Order (or Special Hardship Licence). This way, you’ll be able to keep driving under special circumstances – but you’ll have to meet the criteria.

  1. High-Speed Offences

A high-speed offence is when you drive more than 40km/h over the speed limit. You will be facing a licence suspension and a substantial fine. If you rely heavily on being able to drive (to earn a living), a traffic lawyer may be able to help you obtain a Special Hardship Order so you’ll still be able to drive for work purposes.

  1. Careless Driving

Driving without care and attention can be considered a serious offence, especially if you have an accident or someone is injured as a result of your carelessness. Prevention is better than cure, so it’s best not to become complacent when driving. Just pay attention!

  1. Dangerous Driving

As the term would suggest, dangerous driving or dangerous operation of a motor vehicle is one of the most serious offences in the country. The penalty is far greater than with careless driving – you can even wind up in prison for more than 10 years! You will hopefully never be in this predicament, but if you are, it’s vital you appoint a traffic lawyer to represent you in court.

It’s possible to land yourself in an unfortunate situation if you’re not vigilant in following the law and general road rules. Have any of your own advice to share? Post your tips for other drivers in a comment below.

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