Many of us are guilty of locking ourselves indoors after a long day at work. But just how beneficial is it to be constantly surrounded by four walls?

Get back to nature by turning your outdoor space into a functional area you can’t wait to come home to.

  1. Quiet Oasis

There’s nothing quite as peaceful as being outdoors. A little fresh air and lush greenery can do wonders for winding down after a big day.

Turn your outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary where you can start the day with your morning coffee and end the day with your favourite book. A comfy sofa or daybed is a must, and a bubbling water feature offers the ultimate in soothing background sounds.

  1. Second Lounge Room

Tired of fighting over the TV remote? Can’t stand to watch one more Disney animation with the kids? Create a second lounge room in your outdoor space so everyone can watch what they want.

All you need are comfy couches and a TV, whether on a unit or mounted on the wall. Don’t forget to keep your outdoor lounge room secure and protected from the elements with the right features. Patio designers and builders such as Altec can help you with this.

  1. Happy Hour At Home

Who doesn’t enjoy an afternoon cocktail (or two)? Whether you opt for a wet bar, wine bar, or simply make space for a bar cart in the corner, an outdoor bar is perfect for casual afternoon drinks or weekend entertaining.

Add a touch of glamour with fairy lights, and don’t forget the bar tables and plenty of seating.

  1. Workout Space

What better way to kick-start your exercise regime than to make a workout space at home? Turning your outdoor area into a home gym is a great way to get motivated.

From dumbbells and skipping ropes to exercise bikes and yoga mats, consider what equipment you need (and will actually use) and measure your space to make sure it will fit. You might like to add motivational posters to the walls, or even a mini fridge for cold water and protein drinks.

  1. Outdoor Dining

No avid entertainer’s home is complete without an outdoor dining space, perfect for summer barbecues and dinner parties.

Simply add a dining table with plenty of seating and a barbecue in the corner, and you’re ready to enjoy your meals in the summer breeze. Adding a fire pit will warm things up in the cooler months so you can take advantage of your outdoor dining space all year round.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy your outdoor space?

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