5 Unique Countries Perfect for Volunteering

There is a level of satisfaction you get when you give and give freely. This feeling feels so much richer when you give of yourself to enrich someone else’s life. Here are a few countries you could consider volunteering to.


This is one of the richest places to volunteer; rich in terms of you have a wide variety of volunteer programs to choose from. You can choose to help with a development project up in the South India Mountains to help a tribal community with such facilities as sanitation facilities, schools, clinic or even better showers for an orphanage. Alternatively, you can help with tree conservation by being involved in a forestry program. There are also medical programs set up so in case you are a medic, or have some incline to medicine, you can get on board any of these programs and help make a difference in someone else’s life.


Morocco is definitely a perfect destination whether as a volunteer or as a tourist. At every turn, you are reminded that you are no longer home by the scents, the sights and the rich culture all around.

As a volunteer, you will get a chance to help out with issues like unemployment helping build programs that can help reduce this. Being a taboo to have children out of wedlock, there are a lot of children out on the streets as well as in orphanages. As such, there are volunteer programs set apart for this. Get to look into the eyes of a child with no hope and help give them some; share in their lives and give a bit of yours as well.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful country with so many volunteer opportunities to offer. Get into a teaching program and enable people unable to pay for private lessons learn English. Under healthcare you can get to help in nursing the elderly as well as young orphaned children.


Now if you like beautiful sceneries, wildlife and clean fresh air, Kenya is definitely the place to volunteer. There are many volunteer opportunities here including water sanitation programs that help in assembling water tanks for trapping water as well as educating locals on how to treat water to make it safe for consumption. If you’re the more handy type, you will enjoy helping out with construction of roofs, classrooms and sanitation facilities mostly in rural and coastal communities. There are also many opportunities to help in wildlife conservation where you get to help needy animals and help save some.


The main volunteering projects in Nepal involve construction of sanitation facilities as well as amenities like stoves; mostly in the rural areas of this country. As a volunteer here, you get to help out with such programs as well as helping in enhancing the drainage systems. You also get to experience their way of life as well as the use of some traditional tools. Seeing as most projects are placed at the center of these issues, you will definitely have to interact with the locals which will give you a first-hand feel of what they handle daily.

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