We are in the dog days of summer. The sun and heat are both strong. Staying cool is important. But is it possible to stay cool without a central cooling system? The answer is, yes, it is! It’s not quite as simple as just opening a window, but it’s close. Note that opening a window can sometimes bring in more heat and make matters worse if there’s no breeze.

If you don’t have a central cooling system in your home, here are five tips for staying cool without a central cooling system during the hot and humid summer months.

Window Units

One simple solution is to purchase window air conditioner units to place in your windows. These units can be found in most home stores, are easily self-installed, and can be removed once you no longer need them. They work well to keep your rooms cool during the hotter months. It’s important to know that, depending on where you put the window unit and the layout of your home, one air conditioner unit will likely not cool your entire home. They are meant to serve one specific room (or if that room is an open space, that entire open space). It may be a good choice to have one for the room you spend most of your time in during the daytime, like your living room, and one in your bedroom for you to stay cool at night.

Before purchasing a window AC, you need to know how powerful you need your air conditioner to be. This is usually based upon the size of the room you’re looking to cool and counted in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the window air conditioner sizes. Here’s a way you can calculate the BTUs necessary for your room.

If you don’t have a window appropriate for an air conditioning unit, you might want to consider a portable AC unit. Here are some tips on choosing the best portable air conditioner for your space.

Good Curtains

We mentioned above that opening a window will likely not do much good in terms of cooling off during hot and humid weather. However, even a closed window can add to the heat in your home. If the sun is beating down on your home, you can feel its warmth through the windows, even when closed. This will just add to the heat in your home. So if you’re trying to cool your home, choosing the correct kind of curtains will help a lot.

The best curtains for staying cool are insulated or thermal curtains. By closing these curtains before the day gets hot, you can make a big difference in keeping the sun’s rays out of your home. It will allow your home to be cooler throughout the day. Once the sun isn’t as strong, go ahead, and open the curtains up again if you wish.

Turn Off the lights

Did you know that your lights give off heat too? Incandescent light bulbs in particular create a lot of heat, especially in confined spaces. Even energy-efficient light bulbs should be turned off if your goal is to keep your home a little bit cooler. They don’t give off as much heat, but all electronics give off some form of heat as they use energy. If you’re not in a room, make sure the lights are off. Or if you have enough natural light coming through the room, there’s no need to turn the lights on at all. This will also help you lower your energy bill.

Unplug Everything

If you’re not using an electronic, unplug it completely. As we said above, all electronics give off heat. This means your laptop, your lamps, and any other devices should be unplugged when not in use. Any appliance that’s left on will generate some sort of heat. Not only that, but some can even continue to give off heat even if they’re plugged in and not turned on. This means you may want to think twice if you keep your chargers plugged in continuously, even when you’re not charging your phone or laptop.

If you aren’t keen on the idea of unplugging and re-plugging in your electronics daily, using a power strip can help, as you have the ability to turn those fully off and unplug one plug (with lots of plugs in it) rather than each plug individually.

Use Fans Correctly

If you don’t have a central cooling system in your home, you likely have fans that you can plug in and use as needed. It’s important to use these fans correctly. Most people believe that sitting directly in front of a fan they’ve put in front of an open window is the correct way to get cool. While it may feel cooling, you need to first get all of the hot air out of your home. This means that the fan should point outward, rather than inward. That’s right, open your window, point the fan outside, and get that hot air out. It may not be as immediately refreshing as sitting in front of the fan yourself, but it will make your home cooler in the long run.

Just because you don’t have a central cooling system in your home doesn’t mean that you can’t also stay cool this summer—you can, it just takes a bit of creativity. The above five tips are a great place to start. However, if you tried the above and it just doesn’t work for you and your family, it may be time for you to consider installing a central cooling system in your home.

At Entek, we offer home cooling comfort services and AC installation services all with superior products and warranties. We know the importance of having a cool home during the hot summer months, and we want to make sure you’re comfortable! If interested, please contact us today. We’d love to talk with you more about the needs of your home.

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