Parking your car at an airport can be very frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. Especially if it’s an airport you haven’t been to before. However, there are a number of ways to prepare ahead of time to make parking at SFO go as smoothly as possible. Read on for SFO airport parking tips.

1. Get a Head Start

Leaving early is best, especially if you know you’ll be driving to the airport during a rush hour or another period of heavy traffic. Keep in mind that you should arrive at the airport at least an hour prior to your flight. You’ll want to avoid spending too much time driving around looking for the first available free parking space. In some cases, the only parking left could be the more expensive options, such as private facilities. Or you might only be able to find parking that’s quite far away from your terminal.

If you’re flying during a holiday or another busy season, keep in mind that it will be even more difficult to find airport parking at SFO than usual. And there’s much more traffic than normal during these times, so you will really want to leave even earlier than usual.

2. Familiarize Yourself with SFO’s Layout

Look for the locations of terminals and gates, and keep them in mind when looking for your airport parking at SFO. SFO’s airport map will help you avoid parking in a spot that’s too far away from where you need to be.

3. Book Your Airport Parking at SFO Ahead of Time

You can prepay your parking at SFO online and save time and money.  Our online booking system is fast and easy. This option is especially helpful during the holidays and other busy times when finding parking can be more difficult than usual.

One of the benefits of booking SFO airport parking ahead of time is that it allows you to be as contactless as possible. Instead of tickets and payment machines, you simply pay online when you book the parking spot. Then you receive an email with a QR code. You use this code to enter and exit the parking garage.

The earlier you reserve your airport parking the better. Prepaying for parking can also wind up saving you money. There will often be special offers or deals that allow you to get even lower rates. Parking costs can fluctuate depending on different factors, and you won’t know if prices will be more than you expected if you wait until the last minute. And many airports will charge more for parking the closer it is to your departure date.

If something comes up later, your booking for airport parking at SFO can be changed or canceled up to two hours ahead of your scheduled time. Before you book, you can find additional helpful information, including frequently asked questions and terms and conditions on SFO airport’s website as well.

4. Review Your Different Options for Airport Parking at SFO

Consider your parking options. Be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs. Variables that affect this can include how much luggage you’re bringing, how many are flying with you, and how much you’re willing or able to pay for parking. SFO has a separate garages for Domestic and International garages. 

SFO also has a number of options that provide the ultimate convenience. ParkFAST has its own entry, located near the terminals in the Domestic garage. There are only 53 parking spots, so it’s especially important to book this early.

SFO also has accessible parking options. In the Long-Term garage, these spaces are located on the ground level. In the Domestic and International parking garages, they’re located near the elevators. There are also wheelchair-accessible shuttle buses.

Need a car wash while you’re gone? SFO offers ProntoWash in its garages. Simply book online when you book your parking. 

All of SFO’s parking garages offer plenty of charging stations for electric vehicles for no extra cost. Many of these charging stations are ADA accessible.

You can find a breakdown of each of SFO’s different airport parking options on our website. This includes how many parking spots are currently available in each lot or garage, as well as the rates and any potential restrictions like the maximum height allowed.

5. Keep Your Car Safe

Do what you can to keep safe while parking. Most airports have added security measures such as cameras in the parking garages. But there are still some extra steps you can take for peace of mind. Don’t leave valuables in the car or, if you must, store them in the trunk and out of sight. 

You can find more information on the SFO website to make parking at our airport even easier and safer. Our website also provides plenty of information about SFO services and amenities, directions, shopping and dining options, and more.

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