There are many rules we are often given that dictate how we are supposed to live. Society frowns on certain things, but applauds others. Sometimes, this can run contrary to the way you want to live your life. If you think that society is telling you not to do these things, ignore everyone – you absolutely should. Here’s why.

Quit Your Job

If you don’t love your job, quit it. If you don’t have enough passion to want to get out of bed in the morning, find something else. There’s a dream job out there for everyone, even if you have to go back to school or take a pay cut to do it. By the way, who says you need a job anyway? The growing trend for millennials is to either go freelance or start your own business. If you want to go for it, then go for it.

Love Your Size

Too many women fall prey to eating disorders and depression because they feel that they are too large. But how is anyone else qualified to tell you what you should look like? You don’t have to be a size zero to be beautiful. So long as you are healthy and happy, learn to love your body no matter what size it is. Don’t be afraid of fat shamers or skinny haters – just be you.

Have A Breast Reduction

On the other side of that argument, remember that your body is yours to do with as you want. Don’t feel ashamed of wanting to change it in a way that suits you the best. For example, many large-chested women suffer from back problems, feel uncomfortable, and wish that they could have a breast reduction. Anyone who doesn’t have large breasts is shocked at this idea and thinks that it would be a crime to bring them down a size. But you know what? It’s your body. So, if you want to relieve the pressure on your back and chest, you do it. You can read more on reducing breast size on this site.

Take Mental Health Days

For a long time, the topic of mental health has been taboo. Illness has been considered a dirty secret to hide at all costs. These days, we’re getting closer to understanding that everyone suffers and everyone needs to take care of their mental health. If you are feeling stressed or unhappy, take a day off to relax and look after yourself. You deserve it, no matter what anyone else may think.

Share Parenting

At some point in the past, everyone agreed that women should stay at home to be mothers while fathers should work without even taking a break for the birth. That’s old-fashioned nonsense, and we are so far beyond it. If you want to be a working mother, do it. If you want your child’s father to be the primary caregiver, that’s totally fine too. Give your children the best chance at growing up in a stable and happy environment by choosing the parenting division that suits your family.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make yourself happy. Anyone who tries to hold you back needs to be kicked to the curb, ASAP!

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