For many people in the business world, “outsourcing” remains a dirty word. Despite the many positive results outsourcing can have, there is still a sense that handling every aspect of a business in-house is the better way to go. However, this can lead to diminished productivity and greater expenditure on wages than is strictly necessary, as you will need to hire more people — or delegate tasks to your existing workforce – in order to cope. To prove that outsourcing can actually be a good thing in some circumstances, here are a few areas where it can benefit your business.

  1. Document disposal

While most paperwork remains in the digital realm these days, certain things are still required to be conducted on paper. There’s only so much office space that can be devoted to filing cabinets, making the periodic shredding of documents a necessity. Thankfully, professional document destruction companies like Shred-X that can take care of this for you, disposing of sensitive documents in a way that is efficient, secure and in strict compliance with current privacy laws.

  1. Tech/product support

When most people think of outsourcing, IT support is usually one of the first things that comes to mind, and with good reason – it works. Outsourcing your product or tech support to an external company removes a huge burden from your company in terms of human resources and call centre set up costs, while also allowing you to retain a high level of customer service.

  1. Marketing

Marketing is an area of business that even the largest and most successful businesses outsource. Why would you go to the trouble of putting together a marketing department in-house, when you can employ the services of external marketing companies with a wealth of prior experience and a proven track record? Marketing is such an involved area, filled with revisions, adjustments, research and analytics, that outsourcing is simply the only way to make it truly cost-effective.

  1. Bookkeeping

You can put together an accounting team on staff, but at certain levels of business, you may want to consider outsourcing your taxation information to an external accountant or firm. This will save many hours of work in-house and free your accounts team up to focus on the day-to-day payables and receivables.

  1. Web and graphic design

Like marketing, web and graphic design are aspects of a business that can be extremely expensive to run in-house. External design firms are much better suited to creating the kinds of logos, artwork, web portals and style guides that will allow your business to grow its brand. When you have all of that experience and talent at your disposal, you’d be crazy not to outsource.

These are just a handful of the tasks your business should be outsourcing right now. If you aren’t already, what better time to get started? Give your business its best chance to flourish, and take some of the pressure off your existing staff.