Who doesn’t love a customized car in which when he drives on road, it will drive people crazy because of its unique looks, exteriors, colors, and style; everyone does but owning a customized car isn’t a viable option for everyone. In a bid to be inimitable and to financially manage the desirable lifestyle, people try different things on their cars which sometimes prove to be a hit or sometimes miss.

21st century’s modification of the cars incorporates painting brake calipers too. Yes, those silver, black or gold colored brake calipers are now painted in blue, red, yellow, pink, green and any other favorite color of the owner.

Painting brake calipers is a tricky task, though several DIY kits are available in the market which makes the job quite uncomplicated but still painting them is no easy deal. Painted calipers can either turn your average car into a high-end bespoke vehicle or make it look like a second-hand cheap car; all depends on techniques and tricks you used while applying paint.

So, before you jump upon the painting bandwagon to give your car an interesting appearance, quickly check the following list of Do’s and Don’ts to avoid tarnishing your car’s appeal.


1. Removing Calipers:

Remove the caliper before applying paint, don’t be a lazy prick otherwise you will end up painting bolts, hardware and pads there. Cover the rotor with a plastic bag to protect it from paint splashes. If you don’t want to take the risk of removing entire calipers fearing reattachment, then, in any case, remove on caliper guide pin bolt. Swing it up and down to paint it.

2. Replace Hardware:

Though this isn’t essential, while you are struggling and putting so much effort for the sake of a new look, then why not replace the hardware too after painting. Polished new shims, anti-rattle clips and abutment clips will add some more bling to your refined car.

3. Right Products:

Use the right paint for brake calipers; don’t be much experimental with your calipers. Use special brake caliper paint for this purpose as they are manufactured considering the usage of the calipers as calipers get hotter than the engine and thus a heat-resistant paint should be applied there. Two-part epoxy paints are durable and will work fine on calipers.

4. Clean the calipers:

Cleanliness is vital; you can’t get a perfect finish without proper cleaning. Get rid of all the dust, dirt, grime, grease with help of caliper cleaner. Scratch the rust with sandpaper and clean the surface before applying caliper paint.

5. Drying the paint:

Urge to get the work done immediately is understandable, but don’t let it overcome you and invest your time in the calipers. After thoroughly cleaning the surface and wiping out rust, paint the calipers. Don’t rush, as this will negatively affect the final look of the calipers. 2-3 coats of paint are essential, and in between each coat give the paint enough time to dry. The longer it will be left for drying, more durable will be the paint. Therefore, it’s better to take Caliper painting as your DIY Weekend Project, as then you’ll have sufficient time to paint it and leave it to dry before embarking on your car for your office.


1. Caliper covers:

Caliper covers are a big NO, don’t even try to buy them, no matter how beautiful stylish, and trendy they’ll look, they are FAKE and they give the exact look to your car, i-e FAKE. Anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about all these calipers stuff will tell at a single glance that these aren’t real calipers but covers. And you surely don’t want to hear words like “yours is a performance car” which inadvertently hints towards your incompetence in modifying your car.

2. Paint Colors:

Own a single piston caliper which is mounted on a tiny rotor – don’t dare to go for bright, neon colors for your caliper. Bright colors will unnecessarily draw attention towards your wheel and give them a cheap look.

White and Pastel colors should not be used on double-piston calipers; they catch dust and dirt easily and after a couple of rides you will be left with grimy, yellowish colored polluted calipers and you surely don’t want them. Neither you should go for silver, black or golden; why go for factory colors even when you’re customizing?? Select a color which complements your vehicle and your personal taste.

3. Rusty parts:

Getting rid of rust is difficult, that’s explicable but painting over rust, that’s NOT. Paint which is done over the rusty surface will fall of swiftly and you will be left with flaked paint after a few rides. And factually while calipers’ paint will attract attention, people will notice chipped off paint more than the color. Do you want that?

4. Painting Drum Brakes:

Few things are best to be left alone and drum brakes surely are one of them; these aren’t pretty parts of your car so avoid drawing unnecessary attention towards them by painting them. More so, stay away from painting rotor hats, edges, bolts and brake hardware. Colors on them will just look tacky and nothing more. If you still can’t avoid the urge to upgrade them, then after proper cleaning use black or silver paint. No pinks, reds, blues, greens for them.

5. Don’t Paint:

Yes, that’s also an option, do keep that in mind. Get rid of all the dirt, dust, grease, rust and use a can of brake clean and clean your wheels and brakes. Now, ask from your inner-self, if this all cleaned and dust-free look is cool for you? If Yes, then don’t modify, if not then a paint can isn’t far away.

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