Have a weekend spare? Have an itch to start getting handy? This post has you covered. Here are some DIY projects you can bang out over a weekend. If you have time, why not try more than one? Be careful though; as any handyman knows, it doesn’t take much to get hooked on DIY!

  1. Tool Rack

To start things off, why not get your tools and equipment organised? When making your own tool rack, you can customise it to suit your needs and range of equipment. A wall-hanging rack is a good idea if you can find a place to hang it. Use pipes or hooks to hang your tools and paint as needed. If you’re making a metal tool rack, welding specialists such as WIA can help set you up with any equipment and filler metals you might need.

  1. Make Your Own Shelving

Making your own bookshelf is a quick project that can take anywhere from hours to a day or 2, depending on what sort of shelf you want to make. Look into drilling and installing open brackets for a free-standing look to your shelves or put your woodworking skills to good use by crafting your own shelving system out of wood. Even something as simple as a few wooden brackets stacked on top of each other can make for a decent shelving system. The possibilities are endless; thankfully the length of work required isn’t.

  1. Storage Boxes

Making your own storage boxes from wood can be a handy project that won’t take forever and can be useful around the home. You can even make your own toy box for the kids! Just pick the type of wood you want, make sure you have some hinges you can screw in and get crafting. You can make the box as big or as small as you want to suit your needs. When you’re done, either leave it as is for a rustic timber look or paint it up to help it suit whatever room you wish to keep it in. It’s a stylish way to keep your rooms free of clutter.

  1. Build a Table

You can build your own table out of metal, wood or anything that takes your fancy. Don’t be afraid to get creative or think outside the box. You can use small pallets, fine wood or even things found around the house. Just make sure your legs are sturdy enough to hold up the surface. Go online for some design ideas or make them up yourself. While a small table can be finished over a solid weekend, larger tables may take a few more days so plan accordingly.

  1. Paint Around the Home

While painting the whole house can be a massive project, a quick spruce up of a smaller area can be done in a few hours. You could brighten up a feature wall, keep your front door looking fresh, fix up the back shed or repaint the front fence. Keep an eye out for anything that might be looking a bit drab and could use a fresh new coat.

Instead of spending your weekend in front of the television, why not get out there and put your DIY skills to good use to make new furniture and other items and spruce up your home? If these aren’t enough, there are countless DIY projects that can be found online. Grab your tools and start getting creative!

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