We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, yet very few people have found the secret to a perfect night’s rest. Below are just a few tips to help you have a restful night’s slumber so you can get about enjoying the other two thirds of your day.

Set yourself up for success

Ensuring a good night’s sleep starts with the tools at your disposal. A comfortable pillow, season-appropriate bedding and a comfortable mattress are essential when you’re trying to make the most of your slumber. If you’re struggling to sleep because of itchy blankets or a lumpy pillow, it’s time for a change. Check out companies like MiniJumbuk who produce bedding essentials sure to help keep your head glued to the pillow and your dreams sweet.

If it has an off-switch, turn it off

Back in the ‘old days’, there were these things called books, and people would lie in bed and read them before blissfully drifting off to sleep. Now, in the age of smartphones and tablets, the humble book has been replaced with portable devices that emit a blue light, affecting melatonin production and wreaking havoc with your body’s natural impulse to fall asleep. Long story short: if you own a portable device, turn it off at least half an hour before bed. If you can, leave it out of your bedroom, and let a book lull you to sleep instead.

Cut down on the booze

Most people find a glass of wine makes them sleepy, so it would make sense that alcohol helps you sleep. Right? Wrong. Alcohol may help you feel drowsy, and you might nod off quickly, but the quality of your sleep will be much poorer with alcohol in your system. You’re unlikely to sleep solidly and you’ll wake up feeling worse. Make yourself a chamomile tea instead. It will help your body relax, and is far cheaper. Winning!

Move a bit

If your body isn’t worn out, it’s unlikely to sleep soundly. But many people live such sedentary lives that their bodies are simply not tired. If you aren’t an avid rock climber or you hate doing pushups, there’s good news for you. Even a simple 20-minute walk around the block can help you sleep better. So ditch the couch for some fresh air, and enjoy a restful sleep.

Of course there are plenty of other tricks and tips for a good night’s sleep. What’s your go-to trick? Share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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